Tuesday, 23 April 2024
Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Charity urges greater dialogue to resolve e-bike congestion in Central London

The UK’s shared transport charity, CoMoUK (Collaborative Mobility UK), calls for further dialogue between Westminster City Council and London’s e-bike operators, following the removal of bikes from the streets in central London.

CoMoUK said operators are fully committed to working with Westminster to find a solution.
It believes that a combination of designated and carriageway e-bike parking, funded by e-bike operators would help solve the current vehicle clustering issues in Westminster.
Operators are working with multiple London boroughs to implement designated parking bays for e-bikes, many of which replace existing car parking spaces.

Giving users a marked-out alternative to pavement parking, particularly in a densely populated borough such as Westminster prevents footway obstructions and further encourages local cycling uptake.

Operators are willing to fund this infrastructure and want to work with WCC to implement it as soon as possible.

Dockless e-bike solutions are being utilised in several nearby boroughs to contribute to active travel and decarbonisation targets.

The destination of many of these trips is popular locations in Westminster.

The growing popularity of bike share schemes across the UK has reduced car mileage for each user by an estimated 3.7 miles or 1kg of CO2 every week, with e-bikes soaring in popularity because they reduce journey times and help riders to tackle hills.

A recent report by CoMoUK found that 34 per cent of those using e-bikes said they were replacing car or taxi trips of more than five miles per week.

CoMoUK is also working with TfL, London Councils, boroughs and operators to agree on clear ways of working for bike share across a pan-London.

Antonia Roberts, deputy chief executive of CoMoUK, said:

“Westminster has some of the worst air quality in the entire country, and shared e-bikes are a vital part of the solution to delivering the council’s Climate Action Plan.

“Bike share is a catalyst to re-engaging with cycling – supporting health and wellbeing, triggering sustainable travel behaviours, cutting car miles, and working alongside bike ownership”

“There is a firm willingness by operators to go to extra lengths to implement a scheme which works for all parties in Westminster, and they would welcome the opportunity to reach a solution with the council.”


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