Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Charity unveils innovative scheme to assist older people in relocating

Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care (SCCCC), a dedicated charity serving the older population in Sheffield, has announced the launch of its ground-breaking Placement Support Scheme.

This new service aims to provide invaluable assistance to older individuals and their families during the often challenging process of moving to a new place that suits their evolving needs and preferences.

Growing older often brings the need to transition to a safer living environment. However, this transition can be an emotional and stressful experience, as it involves leaving behind cherished memories and moving to an unfamiliar place. SCCCC’s Placement Support Scheme can offer guidance and support during these difficult times.

Headed by the experienced staff member, Helen Richmond, the Placement Support Scheme offers personalised assistance primarily to those people over 65, however, those aged 60 plus may be considered if they have limited support or complex needs. The service focuses on residents of Sheffield and is for those who are contemplating relocating. This support extends to individuals looking to buy or rent new homes, as well as those considering a move to Care Homes, Assisted Living, Independent Living housing, or respite care. Helen can safely transport the older person and another family member to explore potential new homes in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, ensuring accessibility for those who may require assistance.

Helen’s role is multifaceted, including asking difficult questions, liaising with venues, and collaborating with health professionals to facilitate a positive outcome for all involved. She provides a vital emotional support system for those who may feel overwhelmed or isolated during the relocation process. Helen meets individuals in their homes or hospital environments, working collaboratively to create a relocation plan. She maintains close communication with key professionals, including Housing and Social Care Practitioners, to ensure a seamless transition.

Helen said:

“My service users have told me the service has helped them enormously by giving them options when they didn’t know how they could access those options. Understandably, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone in this process, so I am there to support people emotionally as well as try to understand the process. I meet people in their home or hospital environment, and together we make a plan.”

The Placement Support Scheme is highly flexible and responsive to the unique needs of each individual. Some may require time and emotional support to accept the need for change, while others may prefer a more practical approach, exploring options before weighing the pros and cons of relocation. The ultimate goal is to support both individuals and their families in identifying the next steps to ensure the safety and contentment of their loved ones.

Service users may benefit from assistance in understanding their options and the processes involved in achieving their relocation goals. Helen is well-equipped to connect with formal services such as Health and Social Care, Neighbourhood Officers, and housing departments to streamline the relocation process.

Referrals should ideally be made via a health professional, however, the service will accept self-referrals from older people in Sheffield. contemplating a move and requiring support in making the right decision, please don’t hesitate to contact Helen Richmond at or call her on 0114 2505293 Option 8.

To find out more about SCCCC, visit the website: to learn more about the Placement Support Scheme.


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