CHARITY Today’s ambitious efforts to become the leading publication for the UK and international charity sector received a major boost at the turn of 2020.

The publication has seen off the likes of multi-million pound backed big-players like the BBC, Guardian and the Independent to become Googles number one trusted resource for Charity News at the turn of the new decade.


This news has been met with delight by Lee Rayment the award-winning editor of Charity Today and founder of UK Charity Week who has overseen the publication’s rise to the top, he said:

“We have a small, but highly-skilled and dedicated team working daily on the publication, but make no mistake we have got where we have through sheer hard work and an unrelenting commitment to our partners.”


Rayment feels this is just the beginning but understands there is still much to do, “We hope to continue our evolution in 2020. Yes, sitting top of 758,000,000 search results of such a competitive media industry is no mean feat, particularly having never spent a pound on advertising as many others do! But, it’s our external projects and partnerships that continue to excite me personally and we certainly have enough of those in place!” he said.

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