Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Charity Today editor signs petition to fix Parliament’s broken correction system

CHARITY Today’s Executive Editor, Lee Rayment, has joined nearly 25,000 signatories in petitioning for an overhaul of Parliament’s corrections system.

Mr Rayment, the founder of the national charity campaign, UK Charity Week, supports the charity, Full Fact, in its petitioning of the government after this week again showed Parliament’s corrections system remains deeply flawed.

Full Fact said that for the tenth time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeated the same false employment claim. And despite multiple letters from Full Fact and various official bodies and further challenges in Parliament this week, he is yet to correct the record.

Meanwhile, after one of Full Fact’s fact checks, Labour MP Chris Bryant tweeted a correction to claims he made about heat pumps and VAT. But had he made this claim in Parliament and wanted to correct it there, he would have been unable to. Only ministers can correct the record, meaning 86% of MPs (and 100% of opposition MPs) are unable to.

Full Fact wrote to all MPs about the need to fix this broken system. Yesterday they had a reply from the Speaker of the House of Commons supporting a Procedure Committee inquiry into how corrections are handled in Parliament.

Lee Rayment said:

“If you haven’t already, please do join thousands of others in signing the petition and asking all MPs to stand up for honesty. Something that is clearly lacking right now in Parliament. We don’t want a political system that pretends mistakes don’t happen. With your backing, we can all collectively push for more MPs to own up to their errors, and live up to the standards we deserve as a society.”

The petition can be found here MPs owe Parliament—and the public—the truth.


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