Saturday, 13 July 2024
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Saturday, 13 July 2024

Charity Today Awards – Head Judge suffers eye injury; nominations extended

THE second sitting of judges for the prestigious Charity Today Awards was unexpectedly postponed following a serious eye injury sustained by Head Judge Lee Rayment. This unfortunate incident occurred in June, prompting the organising committee to delay the proceedings to allow for Rayment’s recovery.

In a statement released by the Charity Today Awards committee, they expressed their concern for Rayment’s health and emphasised the importance of his role in the judging process. “Lee Rayment’s expertise and leadership are invaluable to our awards. We wish him a speedy recovery and will ensure the judging resumes as soon as he is able.”

This postponement, however, has brought about an unforeseen opportunity for those in the charity sector. The committee has announced it is able to offer an extension for nominations in the categories yet to be judged. Organisations and individuals now have an additional fourteen days to submit their nominations, giving them more time to highlight their contributions and impact in various charitable endeavours.

The categories still open for nominations include the James E. Smith Special Recognition Award, UK Volunteer of the Year, and the Health & Social Care Award. Each of these categories play a crucial role in recognising and celebrating outstanding efforts in the charity sector:

  • James E. Smith Special Recognition Award: Honouring an individual who has shown extraordinary dedication and contribution to charitable causes.
  • Volunteer of the Year: Acknowledging the invaluable efforts of a volunteer who has made a significant impact through their selfless service.
  • Health & Social Care Award: Celebrating those who have made remarkable contributions in the fields of health and social care, improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

The extended nomination period aims to ensure that the awards maintain their high standards of recognising outstanding achievements in the charity sector. “We believe this extension will allow for a continued competitive approach to all nominations, ensuring that all worthy candidates have a chance to be considered,” the statement continued.

The second and final sitting of the judges will now take place at the end of this extended period, concluding the assessment and selection process for this year’s awards. The Charity Today Awards continue to be a significant event in the charity calendar, celebrating the remarkable efforts and achievements of individuals and organisations dedicated to making a difference.

Nominations can be submitted via the Charity Today Awards Nomination Form, where detailed guidelines and criteria for each category are available. The committee encourages all eligible parties to take advantage of this extension and participate in the nomination process.

The Charity Today Awards have a long-standing tradition of honouring those who have made substantial contributions to society. The delay, though unforeseen, underscores the committee’s commitment to fairness and thoroughness in recognising the finest in charitable work.

For further updates and information on the nomination process, please visit the official Charity Today Awards website.

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