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Charity Today 2019: The New Approach

#UKCharityWeek founder Lee Rayment Photograph Credit: ACS Photography

A change of direction for the publication, a new opinion blog by the editor and some new events are just some of the changes Charity Today Executive Editor, Lee Rayment, has said he will be looking at implementing in the new year. 

Speaking after the conclusion of #UKCharityWeek 2018, Mr Rayment said:

“From day one, I feel that we have come across as this ‘nice’ publication willing to do everything asked of us, but sadly that approach has at times seen us exploited by both companies and some charities who take but do not actually collaborate.

“Collaboration for me is critical in this digital era; you only have to look at the charities that succeed during #UKCharityWeek. It’s the ones who get active and not sitting back expecting others to do all the work. So I feel that now is the time for the publication to step it up and move into an entirely new direction taking a fresh approach to both reporting and accountability. We’re a very forward-thinking publication, and following the success of #UKCharityWeek, it has well and truly put us in the public eye.

“We will embrace that, and use it to make new innovative ways in which to promote our partners and those willing to collaborate.”