Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Charity shops being left with large disposing bills after donation influx

CHARITIES around the country are finding themselves in the unusual position of asking would-be donors to ‘think before giving’.

It comes after a record-breaking return to trading for some charities up and down the UK this week.

However, many are experiencing a large influx of donations that they cannot store or even sell.

Charity Retail Association’s Chief executive Robin Osterley said:

“We have two asks of the generous public. Be thoughtful, is this stuff you’d be prepared to buy yourself? The second is to contact the shop before you roll up with armfuls of goods.”

Devon-based charity Hospiscare hit the headlines after details of a £32,000 annual disposable bill were published.

The charity added that only 25% of donations go on sale in the shops. While 55% are recycled, and 20% is recorded and disposed of as commercial waste.

Hospiscare’s Retail Manager Ms Hutter said the waste bill would pay for a senior nurse to care for the charity’s patients.

“The charity recycles unwanted donations that it cannot sell where we possibly can, but the remainder then goes to waste”, she said.

“We’ve had boots with concrete on which have just had to go straight in the bin, teapots without a lid, chipped glasses.

“We would like to have more people selling things rather than sorting them and putting them in the bin.”

Managing donations has been a learning curve for the sector during COVID-19, as lockdowns have understandably prompted many people into clear-outs of unwanted goods.

Overall, Mr Osterley believes that charity shops are better prepared this time around, with many only open to shoppers, not ‘droppers’, this week.


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