Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

Charity says rapid COVID-19 testing will be ‘best Christmas present’ for customers

A Harrogate charity says rapid COVID-19 testing will be the ‘best Christmas ever’ for its customers denied visitors through to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

With the result of a test-taking just 20 minutes, it means customers at Disability Action Yorkshire’s Claro Road care home – who have been following strict regulations since early March – will be allowed to meet friends and family members indoors.

For the first three months of the national lockdown, visiting was banned altogether, as was mixing between the home’s two wings, which still continues.

In June, rules were relaxed to allow garden and window visits, and last month one person was permitted to a socially-distanced indoor visit. However, due to the second national lockdown, this lasted just three days and the home is back again to outdoor or window visits only.

The charity now has its fingers firmly crossed that in the coming weeks rapid testing will be rolled out nationwide, allowing indoor visits to resume – and not just restricted to one person.

Jackie Snape, Disability Action Yorkshire Chief Executive, said:

“Rapid COVID-19 will make a huge difference, and once again allow our customer to see family members and friends – and not just sat outside or via an open window.

“The lack of personal visits has been particularly hard on our customers, and the rule of one denied them seeing their parents at the same time.

“Whilst there is great excitement for a vaccine, for us, rapid testing is the immediate game-changer. It will make a huge difference and be the best Christmas present ever for our customers and staff alike.”

Further information about Disability Action Yorkshire, is available from its website: www.disabilityactionyorkshire.org.uk


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