Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Charity responds to Government’s £600m support package for local councils

THE Care Workers Charity welcomes the recent announcement regarding the government’s commitment to provide an additional £600 million support package to councils across England, with £500 million of this to be added to the Social Care Grant.

Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity’ said:

“This initiative is a welcome step in addressing the unprecedented challenges social care faces. However, while we appreciate the government’s focus on supporting the social care sector, we express a slight concern regarding the emphasis on social care for children. While crucial, it is also imperative to acknowledge the substantial gap in adult social care funding and estimates from the Health Care Foundation, indicating the need for £8.4 billion by 2024/25 and £18.4 billion by 2032/33 to emphasise the necessity of a comprehensive, long-term solution.

“As advocates for the welfare of care workers, The Care Workers Charity underscores the importance of considering the impact of decisions on the workforce and the quality of care. Through our Workforce Advocacy Programme, we continually highlight the concerns raised by our grant applicants, pushing for essential policy change, which includes full funding from central government with a fairer split of funds between the NHS and Social Care, emphasising prevention to reduce reliance on emergency care.

“While acknowledging the government’s immediate response to the challenges faced by councils, The Care Workers’ Charity continues to stress the importance of a sustained and comprehensive approach to secure the future of social care and ensure the well-being of care workers and the individuals they support. The Care Workers’ Charity remains committed to collaborating with stakeholders to achieve lasting solutions that safeguard the interests of care workers and uphold the standard of care in our communities.”


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