Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Charity poster boy gains recognition from the Queen

A fundraiser for the Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity has received the royal seal of approval from the Queen.

Mick Britton, of Woodlaithes, Rotherham, is hoping to raise £1,000 for the charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes campaign by selling posters depicting a collage of rainbow drawings and tributes to the NHS created by youngsters from his neighbourhood.

Mick wrote to Her Majesty to tell her about his plans and received a note back from Windsor Castle’s Deputy Correspondence Coordinator, Jennie Vine, who said:

‘Her Majesty was interested to know that you are selling copies of the poster to raise funds for your local NHS charity and it was most kind of you to wish to make the Queen aware of your initiative and to share with Her Majesty the colourful and inspiring pictures drawn by the children.’

The 68-year-old was inspired to fundraise for the charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes campaign after his daughter Sarah Britton contracted COVID-19. Thankfully, Sarah is now fit and well and will be returning to work soon as a staff nurse on Ward B5 at Rotherham Hospital.

He said:

“I first thought of the idea of creating a poster after listening to the Queen’s Easter speech in which she mentioned rainbows drawn by children. She thought they were a real beacon of hope in such troubling times. I then saw a giant rainbow on the garage of a neighbour’s house and other rainbows dotted around the neighbourhood and I thought there was something special going on worth documenting.

Charity poster boy gains recognition from the Queen
Mick Britton – Letter from Her Majesty The Queen

“The poster has been very well received by the children who have created the artwork and their parents, who are all really proud. They have been especially delighted to hear about the Queen’s letter, which I was absolutely awestruck to receive. I sent Her Majesty a copy of the poster but never expected to hear from her. When I saw the letter come through the door with the royal seal and the Windsor postcode, I just thought ‘wow.’

“My wife put a copy of the letter on the Woodlaithes Facebook page and so many people messaged back to say their children were excited to hear their pictures had been seen by the Queen. That made me feel quite emotional because it’s not about me – I wanted the children’s artwork to be recognised for good it’s doing to boost morale.”

Mick has raised £720 so far thanks to support from Rotherham United Community Sports Trust and Sheffield United Football Club whose players and managers have signed copies of the posters for sports fans.

All the funds raised by Mick for the charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes appeal will help to provide care packages, refreshments and treats during busy shifts, hotel accommodation and access to health, well-being and training initiatives to boost morale for NHS staff in Rotherham.

Martin Havenhand, Chairman of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“We’ve had some incredible fundraisers support the charity’s Rotherham NHS Superheroes campaign in the last three months, including Mick’s super poster. However, we’ve never had one of our fundraisers acknowledged by Her Majesty the Queen before, so that’s a wonderful surprise and very special for Mick.

“We’d like to thank and congratulate Mick for his fundraising efforts and thank everyone who has supported him. His posters are a lovely way to remember the joy and positivity that youngsters have brought to us all through the creation of their rainbows.”

Mick’s posters are professionally printed in Rotherham and cost £10 each. They can be purchased by emailing

The Rotherham NHS Superheroes campaign is still live. Donations can be made via their JustGiving page. Alternatively, call the charity on 01709 426821 or email

A host of virtual fundraising ideas can also be found on the Trust’s website –


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