Charity offers a £10,000 reward to catch 98-year-old’s attackers

Photograph: Met Police

A £10,000 reward has been offered to catch the attackers of a 98-year-old man left fighting for his life after being robbed in his home.

World War Two veteran Peter Gouldstone was burgled for his £10 TV and was found with a head injury and bruising at a house in Evesham Road, north London, on Tuesday.

His son Simon Gouldstone said he “feared the worst” when he found him beaten and in a “semi-conscious state”.

The charity Crimestoppers is offering the reward for information to catch those responsible for the “horrific attack”, its founder Lord Ashcroft put up the £10,000 reward to help catch the cowards responsible — and The Sun newspaper has matched it.

Det Insp Paul Ridley said: “Mr Gouldstone was left for dead in his own home, a place where he should feel safest.

“There is no way of knowing when he would have been discovered. Had it not been for a member of the public raising the alarm, I believe that Mr Gouldstone would have succumbed to his injuries.”

Mr Gouldstone spoke to a family member by phone on 5 November at 14:00 GMT. The attack took place in the 20-hour window between then and when he was found.

He remains in a life-threatening condition at an east London hospital.

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