Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Charity launches campaign to get people #BeachMindReady

BEEN There, a charity app offering free 1:1 mentoring to those suffering with body image issues, from those who have been there themselves, has launched its first summer campaign with the aim of challenging the national perception of beach readiness.  

Every summer, body image concerns rise as ‘beach body’ perfection is portrayed and sold across advertising and social media. Years of seeing body types that do not match their own, cause millions of Brits to feel negative about their bodies (61% feel negatively or very negatively about their body most of the time). The charity is calling on a national conversation shift from getting ‘beach body ready’ to getting ‘beach mind ready’.

Charity launches campaign to get people #BeachMindReady

Founder and CEO Tessa Peters said:

“Getting beach mind ready is about achieving a positive state of body acceptance that frees you from the fears that stop you from enjoying the summer. I personally know how lonely and harmful these feelings of insecurity can be. When I finally was able to speak to someone who had similar issues it was a turning point for my recovery, and I set up this charity so that no one should have to feel like I did. We’re here with guidance and mentoring to help people through this triggering period of the year.”

The new charity first started Mentoring sufferers in the first half of 2022. This summer campaign follows their first national campaign in Oct 2022 when their #BringTheSupport fundraising campaign helped bring in £40,000. Whilst focused on brand awareness, there is a secondary funding objective behind this campaign where they are selling #BeachMindReady beach towels with positive affirmations on them to help create a safe space for users on the beach. 

Charity launches campaign to get people #BeachMindReady

Shane Kerr, Marketing Director for Been There said:

“We’re hoping this campaign can resonate because it is based on a real human truth that speaks to so many of us – our minds can often be the barrier to enjoying our summer to the fullest. We hope can really spark that journey of self-acceptance for many by helping them see their body doesn’t need to change to enjoy the beach, maybe just their mindset.

“We’re energized by the enthusiastic reactions we are getting from influencers wanting to be a part of this campaign. It shows there is clearly a conversation that needs to happen, and we hope more and more people, and advertisers, want to be a part of this discussion as it develops.”

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the charity with adults across the UK so it can reach those in need, and those who could volunteer as Mentors. The Been There App is available to download for potential Mentors and Mentees to sign-up. 

The campaign homepage can be found at: 


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