Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Charity finds themselves part of the regions recruitment challenge

FIGHTING both food waste and hunger, FareShare South West provides food to frontline charities that support those facing hunger in the region. 

In 2021, they distributed food for 4,860,844 meals to those desperate for food. This is a huge leap from the 1 million meals they achieved in 2019. Incredibly, FareShare South West saved their charity members an estimated £5 million in food costs.

But now FareShare South West has exciting news of its own: expansion. Warehouses are the beating heart of the operation, and to support more frontline charities, another Bristol warehouse has been opened in South Bristol.

The new Bristol warehouse provides an exciting opportunity for the future and allows bigger objectives for the organisation. This expansion means more staff are required, and the charity finds themselves to be part of the well-reported national recruitment struggle. 

Lucy Bearn, Director of Operations, said:

“We are so lucky to have a wonderful team that works together to fight food waste and hunger. A new warehouse means a massive 20% increase in our operation, and therefore new staff are urgently needed to keep things running smoothly. 

“It is vital we expand our team – without great new people on board it will become harder to grow our work getting food to those in need.”

Despite these recruitment concerns, the charity is still looking forward to the new year, and what fresh opportunities and challenges it can provide for the entire team. Drawing on the positives, FareShare South West reflects on their current staff and loyalty to the organisation. One warehouse staff member explained his reasons for working with the organisation.

Sophie Pike is the Central Bristol Warehouse Manager, she said:

“Working in the FareShare South West warehouse is unlike any other job I have had. It feels amazing to see the difference we’re making each day- I know that every pallet that comes into our warehouse is life-changing. Our team and volunteers are the souls of our charity, always innovating and pushing to do more- and we have fun while doing it!”

FareShare South West believes that if they get the volunteers and workers in the Bristol warehouse they need, they can achieve growth well beyond the 4,860,844 meals of 2021.

To check out their website and view where other warehouses are located, you can visit the FareShare South West Website: ​​ 


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