Saturday, 25 May 2024
Saturday, 25 May 2024

Charity fears the cost of living crisis will cost lives

SOLACE is calling for help to support women and families with the escalating cost of living.

Judith Banjoko, Interim CEO said:

“The Cost-of-Living crisis is going to be devastating for the women and families we support. Whenever there are crises and disasters, including economic ones, male violence against women goes up. Domestic abuse is not caused by these crises, but they do exacerbate it and provide survivors with fewer options. Women’s lives will end, and women will die. Many women will feel they have got nowhere else to turn. We have got women contacting us now asking for basic things like food, we have got to that point where they can’t afford to eat. Many women will stay in that situation, and they will feel stuck. And ultimately what that can result in is homicide.”

To raise awareness the charity has created a short film featuring staff, volunteers and ambassadors highlighting the issues facing survivors this winter.

Jane Jutsum, Solace Director says of the film:

“We called on staff and volunteers to help because we want to show that we’re standing together in solidarity with all women and to raise awareness of how what many people are calling the cost of living, is actually for the women we support going to mean the cost of poverty, the cost of leaving and even the cost of their lives.”

Solace, like other violence against women and girls’ charities, are seeing the impact of increases in living costs on the women they support, their services and their staff.

Judith Banjoko said:

“We are very worried about the impact of these escalating costs.

“We cannot provide the same level of service to higher numbers of women at the same levels of funding. We need emergency funding to keep going through this period. Women’s lives depend on it.”

Solace are keen to reassure that despite the challenging times for everyone, Solace is still very much here to support women and girls.

Judith Banjoko concluded:

“It’s crucial that if a woman is going through domestic abuse that she does seek support, that she doesn’t just suffer in fear, alone. We are out here, and we are here to support you.”

To find out more about the campaign and how you can support contact:


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