Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Charity enlists help to reach more vulnerable people

IE Hub, a leading organisation dedicated to improving financial well-being, is pleased to announce its first partnership activity with Sebby’s Corner, a renowned charity for income-deprived families. 

The collaboration, which begins immediately, aims to provide crucial assistance to parents and families facing financial challenges and ongoing poverty.

With the cost of living still on the rise and many families feeling the strain on their finances, IE Hub has taken a proactive step in joining forces with Sebby’s Corner to offer free guidance and support to those who need it most.

Through this partnership, both organisations seek to empower families by providing them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate their financial situation successfully.

Dylan Jones, CEO of IE Hub, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, he said:

“Supporting families living in acute poverty, families in temporary accommodation and single parents too, we hope that with our free help and expertise, we can reach more people in vulnerable situations and importantly make a difference to the way in which they manage their money, budget more effectively and uncover greater benefits which they perhaps didn’t know they were entitled to.

“Our free tools are available to all charities wanting to support their users to better manage finances and this is just one of many partnerships we hope will make a big difference.”

Bianca Sakol, founder and CEO of Sebby’s Corner, said:

“We were blown away by IE Hub’s generosity when they offered to partner with us. To be able to offer the families we support free guidance and support is fantastic. This support acts as additional signposting for our families and empowers them to have more knowledge and understanding of their financial situation.”

IE Hub has long been committed to improving financial literacy and empowering individuals and families to make informed decisions about their money. By partnering with Sebby’s Corner, the organisation expands its reach and impact, ensuring that even more families receive the necessary tools and resources to navigate the cost of living crisis effectively.

Sebby’s Corner has been at the forefront of providing assistance to families in need, offering a wide range of support services and resources to improve their overall well-being. This collaboration with IE Hub will enable them to enhance their offerings further, delivering valuable financial guidance that complements their existing support programmes.

Together, IE Hub and Sebby’s Corner will provide a comprehensive support system, incorporating an online financial budgeting tool, education, counselling, and access to resources, enabling families to make informed decisions and better manage their finances during this challenging time. By equipping parents and families with the knowledge and understanding of their financial situation, this partnership aims to alleviate the burden and empower them to build a more stable and secure future.


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