Saturday, 13 April 2024
Saturday, 13 April 2024

Charity drive sees Bracknell Foodbank receive a bumper donation

KIND-hearted golfers have clubbed together to donate essential items to a Bracknell charity which supports cash-strapped families to tackle food poverty and hunger locally.

Bracknell Food Bank partnered up with Royal Ascot Golf Club whose members and guests donated scores of food items and toiletries to a collection point which was set up at the beginning of the year.

Based at Kerith Community Church, the charity operates under The Trussell Trust which oversees 1300 foodbanks nationally and has provided over 2.9million three-day emergency food supplies to families since 2022.

The Bracknell branch also works with a network of agencies to offer additional support where necessary to help individuals with financial advice, job hunting plus reading and writing skills.

Donations made by Royal Ascot Golf Club members will be used to support the production of Bracknell Food Bank’s food parcels which have been formulated by nutritionists to supply three days of balanced meals.

Claire Mather, food bank manager at Bracknell Food Bank, thanked the club for its support and encouraged others to do what they can to break the cycle of poverty.

Claire said:

“There are people in the UK who will go hungry for a multitude of reasons every day. The cost-of-living crisis has without doubt placed additional pressure on low-income families and the need for services like Bracknell Food Bank has never been greater.

“Something as simple as a box of food not only makes a huge difference to the lives of those who receive them but also helps prevent housing loss, family breakdowns and mental health problems.

“We’re fortunate to be supported by a fantastic team of volunteers, local churches and community groups who make our operation to stop hunger and poverty locally possible.

“We’re very grateful to Royal Ascot Golf Club and its members for this kind donation which will directly support families in Bracknell to navigate the difficult time they are experiencing.”

The club’s donation follows the release of a report by The Trussell Trust which revealed seven per cent of people in the UK say they or their household have experienced food insecurity over a 12-month period.

Furthermore, 71 per cent of people experiencing food insecurity have not used any form of food aid in the last year.

Matthew Mavin of Royal Ascot Golf Club added:

“Food poverty is a very real issue in the UK right now. We were shocked to learn of The Trussell Trust’s latest statistics and asked for the support of our members to help play a small role in reversing these concerning trends locally.

“Bracknell Food Bank acts as a lifeline for families and individuals who may be struggling, and we were pleased with the response to our appeal which formed a key part of our role as a club embedded within the community.

“A huge thank you to our members who donated, and to Bracknell Food Bank whose work continues to ensure people living locally have every opportunity to live a life void of hunger.”

Further information about Bracknell Food Bank and its work to tackle food poverty is available via:


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