Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Charity champions Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024

Charity champions Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024CHANGING Lives marked Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024, last week. Staff got involved by wearing an item of teal to show awareness and bringing light to issues through their expertise in supporting people facing sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and disadvantage.

They released a campaign video, with services uniting to show why #ItsNotOK.

The Netreach team, a service provided by Changing Lives to people at risk of forms of online exploitation, shared a blog highlighting prevalent trends of online harms and tech abuse and how they contribute to growing numbers of sexual abuse and violence:

The STAGE Project – a partnership between The Angelou Centre, Ashiana, A Way Out, Basis, Changing Lives, GROW, Together Women, and WomenCentre – shared a joint statement responding to Operation Span Review. The review places a renewed and welcomed focus on Child Sexual Exploitation, but STAGE also highlighted the numbers of adult sexual exploitation, a form of abuse which is still misunderstood by professionals:

Throughout the week, the charity highlighted statistics throughout the week such as:

  1. For 72% of women supported by the STAGE project, sexual exploitation began in adulthood.
  2. The number of police-recorded sexual offences in the UK has increased over the last decade, with a rapid 31% increase from March 2021 to March 2022.
  3. From March 2021-2022, 275,000 men aged 16 years and over experienced sexual assault.
  4. For male victim-survivors of rape, the perpetrator was most likely to be an acquaintance (38%)
  5. In 2021, Mankind UK found 1 in 7 men had been coerced into sex and 1 in 10 men had experienced rape or non-consensual penetration.
  6. For female victim-survivors of rape in 2022, the perpetrator was most likely to be an intimate partner in 46% of cases.

To learn more about Changing Lives services, head to their website:


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