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Tuesday, 19 January 2021



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Donate4Refugees: I am a Refugee

Amber Bauer, founder, Donate4Refugees writes I want to share this beautiful lady with you. She's super friendly, never stops smiling and is always busy volunteering...

Donate4Refugees: Meeting Sidra

Sidra is, I'm guessing, 17 or 18 years old. She was with her mum and two little brothers when I met her yesterday. She...

Donate4Refugees: Meet Claire & Caia at Project Play in Dunkirk, France

Amber Bauer, founder, Donate4Refugees writes "I arrived at the Grande Synthe shelter for Refugee Families near Dunkirk, northern France, at about 5 o'clock. The shelter...

Donate4Refugees: A focus on the Alan Kurdi (3) story

Amber Bauer writes for Donate4Refugees Alan's body washed up on a Turkish beach near the resort of Bodrum on 2nd September 2015, after his family...

Donate4Refugees: Meeting Chrissie & Gerard of SOS Chai

'No matter how tired we are, or how long our week, meeting with the boys on a Wednesday evening is truly a highlight.' I had...

Donate4Refugees: Love and laughter in Serbia

This afternoon it was a joy to be welcomed by the amazing Collective Aid volunteers and their enthusiastic students at the Azadi Community Centre...

Donate4Refugees: Ramadan in a Refugee Camp

Can you imagine Ramadan in a Refugee Camp? Fasting when you're already tired and malnourished. Iftar, breaking fast each night, with ration food that...

Donate4Refugees: Chios – saying goodbye

Next week I'm returning to the small Greek island of Chios for the fourth time and saying goodbye gets more difficult each time. My...
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