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Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Adopt A Child

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Latest News

Adopt-A-Child: Spreading Joy & Hope at Christmas

EACH year at Adopt-A-Child we organise a special Christmas event for all the children who are registered in our programmes, whether they have a...

Adopt-A-Child: Expanding our work in Albania

OVER recent months we have had to significantly change the way we have been doing things in Albania.  Our usual feed programmes, serving a hot...

Adopt-A-Child: Where are they Now?

At Living Water Adopt-A-Child, we don’t just want to see children fed a couple of times each week, we want to see their lives...

This is why we do what we do at Adopt-A-Child

Working away in the UK office of Adopt-A-Child it is sometimes easy, in the day to day details of admin, to lose sight of...

Sharing the Work of Adopt-A-Child in Difficult Days

As a relatively small charity, we have never had a big budget for publicity and promotion purposes. We have a small team of committed...

5th Adopt-A-Child Programme Opens in Albania

FOLLOWING two years of initial outreach work, we are delighted to announce that our Proptisht programme in Lower Mokra is now officially up-and-running! As...

Adopt-A-Child: Supporting Communities through the COVID-19 Crisis

THE COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all our lives over the past couple of months, and the communities we serve in...

A new era for Adopt-A-Child in Albania

OVER the last 12 months, the structure of our ministry in Albania has been undergoing significant change. All the legal paperwork has finally been...
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