Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Thursday, 18 July 2024

Charities face soaring demand for food from working families

In a recent survey of the 9,500 charities that receive food from FareShare, over 90% said demand for their services has increased since January due to the cost of living crisis. Charities have also said that this influx is coming from people who are accessing support for the first time (73%) despite being fully employed (51%). 

FareShare works with the food industry to get surplus food, that may otherwise go to waste, to a network of nearly 9,500 charities and community groups across the UK. 

FareShare, the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, has launched a fundraising appeal to help get good-to-eat surplus food to people most impacted by the cost of living crisis. 


FareShare supports charities like Charlie’s Angels Kitchens, a weekly pop-up café and pantry in Tunbridge Wells which provides the local community with hot meals and food from FareShare, that may otherwise go to waste.

Charlie’s Angels Kitchens founder, Charlie Moore, said:

“I have seen a lot more people coming along over the past six months, and a lot of them are getting food from us for the first time. I’m starting to see so many more young people coming in who just can’t make ends meet. They’re all working, whether it’s young parents getting food for their family, or a 20-year-old doing in-work training, struggling to afford basic necessities with their last £10 in their bank account. They’re all really concerned about the cost of living crisis, and are relying more on more on the food we get from FareShare.” 

The money raised from the appeal will go towards getting food to charities like Charlie’s Angels Kitchens, one of FareShare’s network of grassroots charities which provide wraparound services tackling the root causes of food poverty, and which help people get access to good-to-eat food, that may otherwise go to waste.  

The survey also found that:

  • 8 out 10 charities say the reason for the increase in demand is people struggling with the cost of food (82%), while 7 out 10 also point to increasing energy bills and 5 out 10 say the increase is being caused by mental health issues (54%) 
  • 7 out 10 charities say this is people accessing support for the first time (73%) despite being fully employed (51%), while charities say 60% are families with children 
  • Charities say it will get even worse, with 7 out of 10 charities (71%) expecting a significant increase.  
  • With the added demand on top of the challenges charities face in times of increased running costs, 9 out of 10 charities say they are worried they cannot meet the extra demand (89%). Charities need access to more food (76%) and funding (64%)   

Lindsay Boswell, the FareShare CEO, said:

“The cost of living crisis is driving millions into food insecurity, at a time when food prices are rising, and demand for our surplus food has skyrocketed. What we are hearing from the charities we support is that this situation will only worsen and they are worried they may not be able to meet the extra demand. By donating to FareShare’s Cost of Living Crisis Appeal, you can help get more good-to-eat surplus food that may otherwise go to waste to people facing economic hardship across the UK.” 

To find out more and to set up a recurring donation visit 

Long-standing FareShare supporters Mike and Helen Brown, from Oxfordshire, have generously offered to match the first £250,000 worth of donations, including monthly gifts, to FareShare’s Cost of Living Crisis Appeal. So a £10 a month donation will mean FareShare receives £20. That’s the equivalent of 80 meals every month made possible by supporters, and with a charitable boost from Mike and Helen. 


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