Thursday, 19 May 2022
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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Charitable Travel: People are looking for good in the world and we are showcasing it

By Laura Gelder, Editor, Charitable Traveller

Has there ever been a better time to launch a travel magazine as summer 2020? I don’t think so and that’s partly because I think most people are fervently in need of some escapism – even if it’s armchair travel – and partly because Charitable Traveller is a bit different to any other travel magazine you may have read.

Charitable Traveller magazine is for the customers of Charitable Travel and anyone who loves travelling and supporting important causes. A social enterprise and not-for-private-profit company, Charitable Travel sacrifice its commission to enable its customers to make a donation to the charity of their choice, at no extra cost to them, every time they book a holiday. As the editorial voice of the social enterprise, Charitable Traveller is a source of inspiration for people who want to travel responsibly and seek not only to change their location but also to change the world for the better.

The magazine is 50% travel, 50% charity, but 100% meaningful and that means that all our articles have a ‘good’ angle. Whether it’s an inspiring interview with someone delivering essential services for a charity or a colourful travelogue detailing an exotic destination, Charitable Traveller looks at the world through a

compassionate lens. There is so much good to be seen in the world and you don’t have to go on a tree-planting holiday to the Amazon to find it – you can find it in Benidorm as well as Brazil!

We want to hear from you

Whether it’s good for the planet, good for mental wellbeing or good for a community in need, we want to write about it. We’re looking for great stories from charities doing good in the world or amazing places with a ‘travel-for-good’ or charitable angle.

There doesn’t have to be a travel connection to your cause because customers of Charitable Travel can donate to any UK-registered charity when they book a holiday. We just want to showcase the pressing issues and vital causes supported by all UK charities.

Here are some examples of the coverage in our first issue, which will give you some idea of how your charity could get involved in future issues:

Day in the life

We found out what a typical working day was like for Ruth Moys, a Specialist Occupational Therapist working at The Children’s Trust to rehabilitate children with acquired brain injuries. Ruth revealed the everyday miracles she gets to witness along with the biggest challenges of her work and in doing so shone a spotlight on this amazing charity.

The interview

Every issue we meet another social enterprise and find out how they are using their profits for good. In the first issue, we met Dave Linton, who was so upset when he found out that children in care often have to move their belongings in bin bags that he started Madlug – a bag company that gives a bag to a child in care every time you purchase. Dave’s personal story is an inspiring read that reveals a little-known but worthy cause.

Five…bugs you need to love

We wrote this fun feature in association with Buglife, a charity committed to stopping the extinction of insects. In this case, the format showcases the positive side of creepy crawlies, raising awareness of their importance in the health of the planet. But this could be used to showcase any good cause.

The feature

This full-length feature is focused on the Black Mambas, an all-female, no-armed anti-poaching unit based in South Africa. While the feature is all about these fascinating women and the great work they do, the call to action is for How Many Elephants, a UK-based conservation charity which supports them. If you have any story ideas you think we could turn into a feature, please get in touch,

Why I donated…

Every issue we hear from someone about who they have chosen to donate to when they book a holiday with Charitable Traveller. This first-person piece uncovers the personal reasons behind their choice and why that charity deserves other people’s support too.

Read the full magazine here

If you want to discuss getting your charity featured in Charitable Traveller magazine please email me on:

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