Saturday, 25 June 2022
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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Charitable Travel invites charities to join new wellness program, Weekday Wellness

CHARITABLE Travel, the ‘travel for good’ social enterprise, continues the latest in the series of Weekday Wellness; a 12-week wellness program that combines body conditioning and live Q&As with health, wellness, and fitness experts, giving participants the chance to increase their fitness and create greater knowledge of health and wellbeing.

Participants can tune-in to the live Zoom feeds from purpose-over-profit Contingent Works from 08:25 (GMT), every Monday and Thursday morning with each session lasting 30-40 minutes. The body conditioning element will be led by personal trainer and nutritional therapist, Jenny Tomei, who will also take the Q&A sessions each Monday to talk about gut health and digestion, successful meal prepping, breaking away from diet culture and how to stay fit and healthy from home.

Thursday Q&A sessions will feature different guests, including nutritionists, mental experts and inspirational Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes and para-athletes.

As a registered social enterprise, supporting those in need and aiding fundraising is at the heart of everything that Charitable Travel does. Those taking part in Weekday Wellness can make an optional direct donation to their choice of charity, including their own. The Mintridge Foundation charity is supporting #WeekdayWellness with some inspirational elite athletes from different sports to talk about mental health, mindset, nutrition and much more.

Charitable Travel invites charities to join new wellness program, Weekday Wellness

Any charity that wants to actively promote the benefits of exercise and nutrition as a route to wellbeing in mind and body can request a branded recording of each session to share with staff and supporters.

Sign up for Weekday Wellness, organised by Charitable Travel, here:


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