Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Charitable PR & Podcasts delivers nationwide coverage of Street Cat Named Bob statue unveiling

Charitable PR & Podcasts delivers nationwide coverage of Street Cat Named Bob statue unveiling
James with Mark Bossley, the Chief Veterinary Surgeon at the Blue Cross, who nursed Bob back to health. Photograph credit: Phil Gammon.

THE story of James and his Street Cat Named Bob is truly remarkable and shines a light on the importance of the role of charities in the lives of both humans and animals.

James Bowen was homeless and addicted to heroin when he came across an injured and abandoned ginger cat; little did he know that their meeting would change both their lives forever. After taking Bob to the Blue Cross for health checks and microchipping, James went back to his day job selling the Big Issue on Islington Green. In his spare time, James and Bob would sit in the nearby Waterstones and chronicle his life with his new companion. Once his book was picked up by a keen local journalist, the rest was history. Following James’ first literary effort came many more books and then two feature films starring Luke Treadway.

Tragically, Bob was killed in June 2020, and their incredible and unique story came to an end. Charitable PR & Podcasts was thrilled to be approached by James and his team to cover the PR element of the unveiling of a new statue that would commemorate Bob and his extraordinary life. The statue would be unveiled in Islington Green, on the very spot where the pair would take their lunch break from selling the Big Issue.

Bob and James’ story is dear to so many, and it made sense to involve major broadcast networks to maximize the coverage of the event. Local print and online outlets were also prioritised as they had previous links to the Street Cat Named Bob story. Contact with the press was initially made via a media alert that detailed the event timings and the back story of Bob and James. After this initial warm-up outreach, the press was contacted again a week prior to the event, and a small number were invited along to witness the unveiling in person.

On the day, thousands of Bob’s fans watched the unveiling over Facebook Live, and the story was covered by major outlets such as the BBC and ITV. The story also made it to the Big Issue and across numerous blogs and websites. The event was a huge success and an emotional day for everyone involved in the Street Cat Named Bob story.

You can find out more about Charitable PR & Podcasts at their website: https://charitablepr.com/.


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