Tuesday, 28 May 2024
Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Charis Winter Warmth bundles launched for immediate relief from cold homes

CHARIS has launched two Winter Warmth bundles to be distributed through its Charis Shop platform.

The bundles contain a range of energy efficiency measures, heated wearables and soft furnishings that will help housing associations, charities, local authorities and advice centres keep families and individuals warm over the cold months that lie ahead.  

The bundles were launched in response to a growing demand for the convenience of simple and specific product bundles that make a real difference to the well-being of the recipients. Charis was approached by E.ON Next, EDF and Ovo, who had allocated significant resources to providing winter warmth bundles to its customer base. Charis subsequently identified a much greater need throughout its wider partner network to distribute the bundles to its own beneficiaries.

Charis director of client services Jonathan Hunt said:

“The cost of living and energy costs are still biting deep for households at risk of fuel poverty. When income is limited, the decision to switch off the heating is often made to ensure that there is food on the table. With less government support this year, and standing charges on the rise, this dilemma is damaging not just to the physical wellbeing of each member of the household, but also to their mental wellbeing too. Our partners can offer these Winter Warmth bundles through our Charis Shop to alleviate the immediate impact of cold homes.” 

Each bundle is designed to solve a particular problem. The Heat the Home package includes simple-to-install radiator reflector foil, insulation film and draught excluder for improved warmth retention. The Heat the Person products include heated throws, blankets, body warmers, gloves and rechargeable hot water bottles that provide comfort and an immediate relief from the cold.   

Oil-filled radiators, air fryers and slow cookers are also now available through the shop. As well as helping beneficiaries reduce their heating and cooking expenditures, they can be invaluable if a heating system breaks down or a conventional oven is out of operation. 

Organisations can open a Charis Shop account free of charge giving them immediate online access to the bundles as well as a huge range of energy, food and retailer vouchers, appliances and devices, and other products to help alleviate hardship for vulnerable beneficiaries.  


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