Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Celebrities recite a heartfelt poem about smiling for World Smile Day®

To mark World Smile Day® 2021, the global children’s cleft charity, Smile Train, has launched a new campaign called #AllSmilesAreBeautiful, which seeks to remind people that every smile is charming and beautiful, even if it’s a little bit ‘different’.

To boost widespread awareness of the campaign and encourage people across the country to celebrate the diversity of smiles, the charity has teamed up with several famous faces – including radio presenter Kate Lawler, and GB Paralympic athletes Olivia Breen, Jonathan Broom-Edwards, Hannah Cockroft MBE – to create a special smile-inducing video.

These celebrity supporters have joined long-term Smile Train advocates Claudia Pieczka and Matilda Lansdown, as well as British comedian Jonny Pelham, all of whom were themselves born with a cleft. After receiving treatment for free on the NHS soon after birth, Jonny, Claudia and Matilda are supporting the #AllSmilesAreBeautiful campaign to inspire support and awareness for Smile Train so that children around the world, who are less fortunate, can receive the same level of care that they did.

Within the video, these celebrities and Smile Train supporters read a heart-warming poem entitled ‘All Smiles Are Beautiful’, which shines a light on the beauty of smiling, explaining that even though everyone is different, smiling can connect the world and make it a better place.

The video ends with a call to action, directing supporters to the Smile Train UK website where they can find out more about Smile Train’s work and donate to give a child a ‘forever smile’.

Across the globe, 540 babies are born each day with a cleft. If left untreated, these babies can face difficulties eating, breathing, hearing, speaking, and ultimately thriving.

Smile Train empowers local medical professionals with the training, funding, and resources needed to provide free cleft surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children in their own communities, giving them the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.

Ian Vallance, UK Director, Smile Train said:

“This has been an exciting campaign to work on with incredibly inspiring celebrities, Paralympians and Smile Train Ambassadors.

“Smiling is the same in every language and World Smile Day® is a day to appreciate the power of smiling in our daily lives, and this poem does just that – as well as highlighting the fact that all smiles really are beautiful.

“This is a message that we reiterate to our beneficiaries every day, and we hope this video will not only put a smile on your face but also help to raise vital funds for Smile Train so we can continue to give children across the world born with cleft the treatment they desperately need.”

Kate Lawler said:

“I am so happy to be a part of this campaign and to help Smile Train with their life-changing work. A simple smile can be such a powerful act and display of kindness.”

Olivia Breen said:

“I love the messaging of this campaign. I think it’s so important for us to understand that in a world where we’re all different, smiling is one thing that is truly universal, and all smiles ARE beautiful. Smiling really does make the world a better place.”

Jonathan Broom-Edwards said:

“Smiling makes the world go round. A smile can turn that frown upside down and brighten up a rainy day. The work that Smile Train does across the world to help give children born with a cleft a new forever smile is inspiring, and I’m delighted to be able to support this on World Smile Day®.”

Jonny Pelham said:

“As an Ambassador for this fantastic charity, I am thrilled to be supporting them on this campaign. Making people smile is something I have the pleasure of doing day in and day out, so playing a small part in encouraging people to donate and help give children born with clefts a new forever smile is really special.”

Hannah Cockroft said:

“The work that Smile Train is doing around the world to help children born with a cleft is incredible and it’s so important that we do all we can to ensure they can continue giving these children a new forever smile.”

Please visit: to find out how you can create more smiles around the world.


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