Thursday, 20 June 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Thursday, 20 June 2024

Celebrities join pioneering charity crowdfunding event

COMEDIANS Ruby Wax and Jen Brister and chef Tom Aikens are backing three brilliant small charities – Frazzled Cafe, Bloody Good Period and Only a Pavement Away – at The Funding Network’s Celebrity Connector on Wednesday 8th February, 6pm to 8pm.

At this online crowdfunding event, the three charities and their celebrity patrons will have six minutes to tell the audience about their work followed by a fast-paced pledging session from which they’ll each hope to raise £10,000. Think TED Talk meetings (friendly) Dragon’s Den.

The event is open to anyone to attend and there’s no obligation to give (but people usually do!). Individual donations start at £10 with no upper limit. To register for the event, click here

Ruby Wax said:

“Frazzled Cafe is a place where you can connect with peer-to-peer support to help cope with the overwhelming stresses of modern life. It’s not about ‘helping’ the other people there, it’s about hearing them. I’d love for you to come along to experience it for yourself if you haven’t already and please help us spread the word.”

Tom Aikens said:

“There is a huge pool of undiscovered talent out there and this is where Only A Pavement Away comes in – they help by supplying an untapped resource of people to the hospitality industry by supporting those facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans, into careers in our sector, and helping them to find independence, security and long-term stability through employment in the process.”

Jen Brister said:

“I am proud to be an ambassador of Bloody Good Period who have, since their inception in 2016, grown to become a vital service and safety net for women and people who menstruate to access essential period products. I have always believed that free access to menstrual supplies is an essential human right of any person that has a period. They are NOT a luxury. No-one should have to choose between food, heating or buying a box of tampons or pads.”


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