Celebration marks five years of epilepsy centre

The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre (WQSEC) has celebrated the 5th anniversary of the world-class assessment and diagnosis facility in Glasgow and the landmark of providing life-changing support to 500 people with epilepsy.

The WQSEC is the only residential assessment and treatment centre in Scotland for adults with epilepsy, and the ground-breaking centre has received national and international recognition as a world-class centre of excellence. It has also received special attention for leading the way in diagnostic development thanks to its person-centred approach to medical treatment.

Past and present patients gathered, alongside key figures from the centre and guests including Humza Yousaf MSP, to celebrate its success.

Eleanor Ferguson, the mother of former patient Rachel Ferguson who was born with a learning disability, spoke at the event about the transformative effect the service had on her daughter. When Rachel got admitted, she had minimal mobility, following close observation specialists at the WQSEC recommended introducing a new medication and significantly reducing another drug.

Eleanor said:

“The improvement in Rachel’s condition is miraculous. She is now walking upright, her face is alert and animated again, and the drooling and tremor in her arm have stopped. People who know Rachel can’t believe the difference.

“She has far fewer seizures and is now much more active and has built up her strength. She has more energy and can enjoy being out in the evenings again. She can even walk up to two-and-a-half miles with support and enjoys swimming and trampolining. Above all, she can enjoy her life again.”

Professor Ian Bone, a world-renowned former neurologist, underlined the importance of the centre. He said:

“We cannot underestimate the clinical significance of the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre.  To have such a valuable resource on our doorstep that is a beacon of excellence for the world-wide epilepsy community is a clear demonstration of how the third sector and NHS can work together to provide outstanding patient care and outcomes.”

Head of Service, Gerard Gahagan, said:

“The epilepsy that our patients live with is the most complex to treat or diagnose and their condition is often accompanied by significant co-morbidities and additional support issues, including learning disabilities. It is vital that Scotland has a service that is dedicated to this.

“It is a real joy to celebrate the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre’s five year anniversary as it is a significant milestone. At this point in time, we take stock of the future to ensure that the centre can continue to be a place that provides truly life-changing and transformational outcomes for so many.”

Humza Yousaf MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice for the Scottish Government, added:

“It was an honour to be invited along as the constituency MSP to celebrate the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre’s five year anniversary as it is a significant milestone.

“The Scottish Epilepsy Centre has produced great transformational outcomes for not only the patients that attend the centre but for their families as well. They have provided life-changing outcomes for each patient but have also contributed to increasing the understanding and knowledge of epilepsy. I look forward to continuing to support the Scottish Epilepsy Centre and all the progressive work they do.”

For further information about The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre, please visit http://scottishepilepsycentre.org.uk/ or email scottishepilepsycentre@quarriers.org.uk