The National Funding Scheme’s DONATE® fundraising platform has handled over £1million in charity giving and reveals that its contactless giving technology suite is up to 17 times more effective than cash. This shows how real the cashless society is becoming, so smaller charities need to find easier and more convenient ways to raise money.

DONATE® estimates that fundraising efforts for smaller and medium-sized charities could be increased by 200% in 2020 simply by using multiple platform solutions. This is based on insight from approximately 1400 partners in the past 3 years, which has shown that the text and contactless donations via DONATE outstrip the use of web application by 37%. While overall in the charity sector cash remains the most common method of donation, contactless giving is an emerging trend that is likely to gain traction in 2020 as more people cancel regular direct debit payments.

According to figures from CAF, the proportion of people giving money to charity by donation has steadily declined from 64% in 2014 to 57% in 2018, with the 2016 Referendum seemingly starting the decline with 62% of people donating money to charity.

Bart Leonard Chair of Trustees at National Funding Scheme said:

“In times of economic uncertainty charities tend to suffer as fundraising slows. It’s vital that charities, which are reliant upon donations, find ways to save on overheads and set up charges by working with partners, such as DONATE®, who offer a complete solution with minimal setup fees. We believe that contactless will see the biggest growth in 2020 as a highly versatile platform which will help our charity partners make the most of opportunities to receive more donations made on impulse at the point of emotional impact.”

DONATE® uses multiple platforms to create an easy to use and frictionless solution for charities, including contactless, text, online or at-event giving platforms such as silent auctions or raffles. On average charities using DONATE® will save money in set up and ongoing running costs since it is free to set up and to run. It can also eliminate lengthy training or set up procedures – which can take up to 6 months in some cases but as little as a day with DONATE®. Additionally with the new GDPR legislation providing an additional administration workload for all charities, the National Funding Scheme, as a charity itself, will take on that responsibility. This leaves the charity free to focus all efforts on raising money rather than admin tasks.

From Scout Groups to black-tie fundraising galas, the flexibility of DONATE® has enabled smaller charities who use the platform to raise over £172,000 in the past year from approximately 1500 individual donations.