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Caring charity steps in to provide life-saving equipment


A charity has stepped in to provide a defibrillator for a veteran bowling club that had been saving for two years to buy the machine.

The device, which can give a life-saving high energy shock to treat heart attacks, will be kept at the bowling green for matches involving the over-60s team.

Al-Khair Foundation, a UK based humanitarian charity, paid for the machine after the Over Hulton Bowling Club contacted Bolton South East Labour Parliamentary candidate Yasmin Qureshi to help raise funds.

The funding was praised by the ambulance service and cardiologists.

“We felt we needed a defibrillator because we are all over 60 and during my years bowling I have witnessed the deaths of two people from heart failure,” said Peter Govan, of the club. “I’ve also been told that one person was saved because they had a defibrillator at the bowling green. The ambulance crew confirmed that his life had been saved because of the defibrillator.

“I’m delighted to say the defibrillator has now been paid for by the Foundation and we are all extremely grateful.”

Ms Qureshi added: “The club needed the defibrillator because everyone in the club is over 60 years old so I spoke to Imran Musa at Al-Khair Foundation and they were happy to donate the equipment to the club.”

Imran Musa, Foundation’s national manager said: “We as a humanitarian charity try to save as many lives as possible globally, whether it be internationally to at home in our own doorstep. Charity starts from home and hopefully the defibrillator will never have to be used but if this machine saves a life then there is nothing more we can ask for.”

The Over Hulton club’s over 60s team plays in the Farnworth and District Parks Veterans Bowling Association which stages games on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

David McNally, Community Engagement & Resuscitation Manager at North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “It’s fantastic the bowling club is able to get equipped with a life-saving defibrillator. Once a patient goes into cardiac arrest there are just a few vital minutes to save their life which is why we really need the help of people in the community to start life-saving CPR as soon as possible even before we have chance to get there to give people the best possible chance of survival.”