Care provider launches recruitment drive

A social care charity that operates across the UK, Community Integrated Care, has launched a new recruitment initiative to support people in their local community who have lost their jobs in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The charity is offering flexible and rewarding work opportunities with prompt start dates across England and Scotland. Prospective colleagues will work in the charity’s frontline services supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health concerns or dementia with their daily routines.

A streamlined application process ensures candidates will be able to move from interview to paid work within a week. During that week, vetting checks will take place, and prospective colleagues will undertake three days of intensive training.

To support the campaign, the charity has built a website where potential candidates can register their interest in opportunities:

Teresa Exelby, Chief People Officer at Community Integrated Care, told Charity Today:

“We know that at this difficult time, many people in our communities are seeking reliable work opportunities as a result of the impact of Coronavirus. At the same time, care providers like us more than ever need to find great people who can work in our frontline services.”

She continued, “We’re excited to be welcoming hundreds of new colleagues to Community Integrated Care who will all be a fantastic addition to our teams across the country.”