Photograph credit: Grantee Stepney City Farm. Photos by Dylan Nolte
42 London charities including those supporting young crime victims, homeless LGBT+ people and refugees with their mental health will receive a record £6.3m funding windfall.

City Bridge Trust, the City of London Corporation’s charity funder, which approved the payout, says it is the biggest amount of money it has ever given in a single funding round.

City Bridge Trust gives £20 million a year to charities fighting inequality and disadvantage across the capital. It has now awarded over 8,000 grants totalling over £400 million since it first began in 1995.

Photograph credit: Grantee Stepney City Farm. Photos by Dylan Nolte

Charity grants in the record funding round included:

  • £48,800 to Embrace Child Victims of Crime to provide practical and emotional support for young victims of crime. The charity is dealing with rising demand for its London-based services.
  • £60,000 to the Albert Kennedy Trust to help young homeless LGBT+ people off the streets and into accommodation, transforming their lives.
  • £79,200 to the British Refugee Council to provide counselling and psychotherapy support for asylum seekers and refugees with their mental health.
  • £132,000 to Prison Advice Care and Trust to support women prisoners to build a better life for themselves after release.
  • £147,000 to Advocacy in Greenwich to help young disabled people become more independent and ensure their voice is heard as they transition into adulthood.

Dhruv Patel, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s City Bridge Trust committee, said:

“This record funding will transform the lives of thousands of Londoners most in need.

“We want to help make the capital a safer place for young people, give a voice to those who are underrepresented, and cut the inequality which should not exist in this city.

“At a time when public finances are under significant strain, charities are plugging the gap and playing a major role in tackling disadvantage in London.

“By working together we can strengthen our communities and make this city a fairer place in which to work and live.”

Photograph credit: Grantee Stepney City Farm. Photos by Dylan Nolte

Anne Campbell, Chief Executive of charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime, which provides support for young victims of crime, said:

“This funding enables us to support even more children and families impacted by serious crime across the capital, providing vital interventions to help them recover, brighten their lives and their life prospects.

“These are often the most vulnerable children and from low-income households who, otherwise, would not have been able to access this kind of help.

“From gifts and trips, many children will go on to access therapy and we know our support works – children and young people gain confidence, self-worth and vital tools to help them cope into the future.”

City Bridge Trust is the funding arm of the City of London Corporation’s charity, Bridge House Estates, and London’s biggest independent grant giver.