Thursday, 20 June 2024
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Thursday, 20 June 2024

Can IT be ethical? Gildas Jones of Dial A Geek says ‘yes!’

THE Bristol-based Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) pro bono work for Bristol Mind and The Harvey Hext Trust is just the tip of the iceberg as far as its CEO sees ethical IT.

Dial A Geek was created to help businesses reach their goals with the use of tech while also caring for the community and the environment.

Over the years, the company has more than proved its dedication to the mission. From making their clients’ offices fully paperless through educating local businesses about technology’s carbon footprint and the benefits of refurbishing laptops to helping charities secure tech funding or free software licensing.

The company has also been awarded multiple times as an Employer of the Year for its apprenticeship programs. However, 2022 brought big changes for the Bristol-based MSP. 

Can IT be ethical? Gildas Jones of Dial A Geek says ‘yes!’
CEO Gildas Jones.

Implementing ethical IT

CEO Gildas Jones said:

“We always realised we could be doing more, but we have never been sure which actions would help our community the most and what we could really afford on our small-business budget.

“Our journey towards B Corp certification has helped us reach more of our social and environmental goals. We now do things like explicit carbon footprint monitoring and offsetting, provide free Green IT and Environmentally Friendly Working from Home guides on our website, plant 25 trees per employee of every new client, and offer more well-being benefits to our team.”

From a charity and community perspective, Dial A Geek has now also introduced a voluntary work allowance (meaning they’ll pay for the hours their employees spend volunteering at charities and community projects) and pro bono work targets for each tax year.

Pro bono work for charities

The first recipients of Dial A Geek’s pro bono work were Bristol Mind and The Harvey Hext Trust. Both organisations received half a day of IT consultancy and advice on their cybersecurity and technology going forward.

Sarah Hext of The Harvey Hext Trust commented:

“I had no idea what support I needed, but after a planning meeting, we were ready to get to work. Dial A Geek went through all my security systems and tightened things up where needed. They even sent tutorials for the system in case I have any user issues. Everything I needed was backed up and secure. I am very grateful for the time they gave the charity and feel so much more confident in the systems I have now.”

Suggest your own candidate for free IT consultancy

Dial A Geek will be offering more pro-bono work next year and are always on the lookout for new charities to partner up with.

If you run a charity based in the South-West of England and think your organisation would benefit from some pro bono work or volunteering, don’t hesitate to reach out via their website:


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