Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Camphill residents create handmade gifts

CAMPHILL MK has launched Friends of Camphill MK – Camphill Angels as a response to more and more people looking to support their charity with their big fundraising challenge. 

As recent winners of the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards for Arts & Culture, the charity will create handmade pieces made by their residents in their creative workshops and gift them as a special thank you to individuals donating from £10 a month. 

Camphill MK residents with various abilities participate daily in horticultural, culinary and creative workshops. Those in the pottery and ceramics workshop are making ceramic pin badges. The badges, around the size of a pound coin, involve the residents rolling out slabs of clay to an even thickness and stamping out the shapes with the iconic angel icon for the middle, which is taken from the charity’s logo. The badges are then glazed and fired in their onsite kiln. 

Resident Andrew, has lived in a shared house at Camphill MK for 30 years and has made lifelong friends in the community he has been creating artwork from clay for almost 5 years.

Andrew said:

“I roll the clay and use the stamp. I make circles. When they have dried, I use the glazes to make colour.”

These lovely pin badges are tactile and eye-catching and connect the residents to the fundraising programme in a purposeful way. 

Trustee of Camphill MK and CEO of MK Community Foundation Ian Revell was the first to sign up for the scheme, he said:

“I am passionate about creating a strong community in Milton Keynes, and Camphill MK personifies this vision along with delivering high-quality care and integrity. I was pleased to support a charity I value through a regular donation and will wear my handmade pin badge with pride.” 

The Friends of Camphill MK – Camphill Angels scheme is open to anyone and can sign up via the website: or by contacting the fundraising team.


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