Cambridge rare disease charity receives £330k from the National Lottery

Findacure, a Cambridge-based rare disease charity, has landed a grant of £336,820 from the National Lottery Community Fund to support their patient group Empowerment Programme for three years.

Cambridge rare disease charity Findacure has just been awarded a game-changing grant of £336,820 from the National Lottery’s Community Fund. By providing free training to patient groups, Findacure believes that the collective efforts of these disease-specific groups can provoke a seismic shift in research and policy. Findacure’s efforts have been recognised by the National Lottery, which has awarded three years’ funding to the charity.

Cambridge rare disease charity receives £330k from the National Lottery
Rick Thompson

Dr Rick Thompson CEO said:

“Rare disease patient groups can transform the care and support that people receive when they are first given a rare diagnosis.

“We are proud to have helped over 300 rare disease patient groups form and grow since 2014. This grant will ensure our work can reach more organisations over the next three years, and allow us to build a more coordinated programme of support. We can’t wait to get started.”

Findacure will be hosting a networking event, the Cambridge Rare Disease Showcase, on 8th August at the Espresso Library from 6:45pm.