Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Call for charities to sign up to the ‘Small Business Star’ fundraising campaign

As the nation moves towards the end of a very difficult few years, many charities are still feeling the brunt of the pandemic. Many saw donations fall at a dramatic rate and as thoughts turn to Christmas, Work for Good are highlighting the enormous income generation opportunity that small businesses can offer to charities.

Work for Good is a fundraising, tech-for-good platform that helps charities raise funds through small business sales fundraising. In the lead up to Christmas, they are calling on charities to sign up for their Small Business Star campaign at a time when small businesses launch fundraising campaigns and increase their charitable donations. 

Work for Good makes it simple and legal for small businesses to pledge donations to charity and publicise their fundraising campaigns, unlocking untapped sustainable income for charities. By digitising the legal requirements and creating a supporter friendly Commercial Participation Agreement, the platform takes away the need for lengthy contracts legally required between each business and charity, which can often be so complex and prevents charities from accepting small business donations.

Since its launch, the platform has raised an incredible £1.5 million in charitable donations from small business sales fundraising, and the ambition to make a change doesn’t stop there. Work for Good aims to facilitate £50 million in charitable giving in the next five years.

This Christmas they are helping businesses to raise even more funds for their chosen charity with a match funding pot of £50,000. By paying their raised funds via their Work for Good account, from 9am on Monday 6th December, the start of UK Charity Week, small businesses will have their donations doubled up to £250 per business, whilst funds last.  

Call for charities to sign up to the ‘Small Business Star’ fundraising campaignVeronica Bamford-Deane, Managing Director at Work for Good said:

“We are really excited to have launched the Small Business Star Campaign. There are over 5.8 million small businesses in the UK and half of UK turnover comes from these businesses. Furthermore, since the pandemic there has been a significant increase in support for shopping small with 59 per cent of Brits saying they now support local businesses more than previously. 

“We make it easy for charities to tap into this and engage multiple small businesses that want to fundraise for charity. £1bn of charitable income could be created every year if 1 in 20 small businesses donated just %1 of income. This is valuable untapped income.”

One charity benefiting from small business sales fundraising is Tommy’s, the baby charity which funds research and provides pregnancy health information to help save babies’ lives. Since joining Work for Good in November 2019, £62,773 has been donated to Tommy’s by small businesses. 

Rosie Leverton, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Tommy’s said:

“Work for Good has really helped us to transform how we work with small businesses. As a charity, we love steady, reliable, sustainable income. It means we can plan ahead, and we know what’s coming.” 

With an ever-growing cohort of engaged small online business owners, the Work for Good platform has enabled the fundraising team at Tommy’s to accept more small business donations and nurture these relationships in a way that is bespoke to this kind of supporter. 

One of the 54 small businesses that have supported Tommy’s include Pattie & Co, an ethical brand selling products for babies. They donate 10% of the sale of every blanket to the charity and have so far raised an incredible £14,769 for Tommy’s. 

Founder of Pattie & Co, Cat Price, said:

“Work for Good has made charitable donations a really simple, straightforward process for us. It gives peace of mind on the legal side, and it takes no more than a few minutes each month to administer.”

With over 1,000 UK charities, including WWF-UK, Mind, Tommy’s, Shelter, FareShare and Marine Conservation Society already using Work for Good, it seems this innovative platform really is the future of small businesses making a huge difference to good causes. 

To sign up, find out more or chat with one of the team, head over to:


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