Sunday, 19 May 2024
Sunday, 19 May 2024

Business donates funds to county school Tanzania fundraiser

A Shropshire business has donated £500 to a local school’s new charitable fund to support the neediest students at their partner school in Tanzania.

Students and staff at The Community College in Bishop’s Castle hosted their annual fundraising day to mark Tanzania’s Independence Day and raised hundreds of pounds to fund the education of pupils at Macechu School in Tanga, of which they are a partner school.

All of the money raised will go to the school’s new charitable fund which has been launched by nine teachers at The Community College. They have currently raised over £3,000.

Jesmonite, also based in Bishop’s Castle, presented Year 11 student Lilith Pearson with £500 towards the new charitable fund.

Piran Littleton, Managing Director of Jesmonite which distributes their award-winning product all over the world, said:

“The staff and students at The Community College in Bishop’s Castle have a long-running relationship with this school in Tanzania and their annual fundraising is clearly making a huge difference to the lives of students out there.

“We often forget how fortunate we are here with regards to education – every day our own children enjoy their full educational curriculum in a safe environment, whereas those students in Tanzania face daily battles due to lack of food and money, medication and transport. 

“The education system in Tanzania is free but the reality is many still face a life without the basic education they deserve and many pupils, especially girls, face a daily risk of being abducted which is tragic.

“We hope by donating £500 it sets the charitable fund on its way to reaching the annual target.

“As one of the biggest employers in the area, the students of The Community College are our future workforce and we want them to know we are here to support them in all aspects of their education and their journey into their chosen careers and especially so when they are doing such fantastic work like this.”

Lilith Pearson said:

“I would like to thank all at Jesmonite for supporting my fundraising with such a large donation – it will make such a difference to the lives of students in Tanzania.”

The school raised further funds by paying £2 to wear non-uniform which is enough to feed a child in Tanzania for two weeks; paying £5 to play in the 5-aside football competition which is enough to provide a uniform for a child in the country and they also hosted a cake sale.

Andrew Kirk, Assistant Headteacher at The Community College, said:

“Our partnership between The Community College, Bishops Castle and Macechu Secondary School Tanzania has existed for more than 12 years. 

“During that time we have run student and teacher visits, fundraising for individual students in need, infrastructure projects and staff exchanges, leading to the development of cultural awareness, teaching and learning ideas, improved educational outcomes and lasting student friendships.

“Now, post-Covid, nine staff at The Community College have come together to create a charitable fund which will support the neediest students at Macechu through their education.

“Although Tanzania is one of the poorest nations on Earth, it provides free education to all.

“Despite this, some of the poorest at Macechu struggle to access the education on offer through lack of food, money for uniforms or medication. 

“The school champions the needy, and the headteacher, Mr Okash, goes to extraordinary efforts to protect and encourage those most in need, many of whom may be street kids, orphans or HIV positive. Our fund aims to support him in this effort.”

The school is aiming to raise £1 for every mile between Bishop’s Castle and Tanga (a total of £4675), in a symbolic attempt to bridge the gap between the two schools. 

The charitable fund will be used to provide the basics needed for the neediest to access their education at Macechu, and its spending will be overseen by Mr Okash and The Community College staff. 

Future plans for students at The Community College include helping the Tanzania school to build a safe house for 8 young girls at risk of abduction. 

Mr Kirk said this was a problem in the Tanzania school as poor girls had been abducted from education to be taken away to work. 

Anybody else who wants to support the school’s fundraising further can donate through the school’s JustGiving page.


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