Sunday, 14 April 2024
Sunday, 14 April 2024

Books bring magic to children facing lockdown

ADVOCACY Focus will be sending over 500 books to bring a touch of magic into the lives of children in care who are in lockdown due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The books were donated to Advocacy Focus by Richard Thornton Books and, in response to the launch of the charity’s Pen-demic Pals project last week.

Justine Hodgkinson, CEO of Advocacy Focus, said:

“Books bring a sprinkle of magic and escapism, which is a great distraction in the present climate. There are many children and young people who will be confused and frightened about life in lock-down and worried about the daily news stories they may be exposed to.

“A recent study by the University of Oxford found that a fifth of primary school children was afraid to leave the house due to COVID-19 and was worried about running out of food or their family members becoming ill. Looked after children or children going through child protection processes will have all of these worries, plus the added pressure of their own personal situation. The gift of a book will hopefully bring them some much-needed joy.

“The generosity of Richard Thornton and will ensure that the children and young people we support via our services in Trafford, Rochdale and Bradford will, for just a short time, have a place to escape to and switch off from social media and the news.”

The Lancashire based charity is already sending cards and letters of support to people who come through its befriending service. They are showing that people are not alone and that someone is reaching out and making a positive connection with them. The Pen-demic Pals initiative is also sending letters of support and encouragement to Looked-after Children and young people who are going through child protection processes during this difficult time.


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