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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Big-hearted Kiltwalkers raise a record-breaking £6.1 million for Scottish charities

A staggering £6.1 million for 1,055 coronavirus-hit charities across Scotland is the result of the 2021 Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend.

Kiltwalkers’ fundraising totalled £4.1 million and, with a £2.05 million 50% boost by The Hunter Foundation, the total has rocketed to an incredible £6.1 million.

A few weeks ago, Sir Tom Hunter challenged the country to take part in the Virtual Kiltwalk, urging people to ‘take his money’ and help those in need. Thousands signed up to the three-day-long event after Sir Tom confirmed that The Hunter Foundation would top up all funds raised by 50%.

Across the weekend, 11,500 Scots responded to Sir Tom’s rallying call and donned their tartan, taking on walking, running and even dancing challenges, all in aid of 1,055 well-deserving charities across Scotland.

As the fundraising deadline passed at midnight, it was revealed that an incredible £6.1 million would be distributed to the charitable organisations nominated by the Kiltwalkers, with the cash being distributed over the coming days.

In a video message, Sir Tom Hunter said:

“At Scotland’s time of need, when the charities you care about really need you, you stepped up, and there is not a prouder Scotsman on the planet this morning. From the bottom of my heart to all of you, thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.”

One of the smaller charities set to benefit is ‘Keiran’s Legacy’, an organisation that provides life-saving equipment and training across Scotland. Sandra McKandie started the charity following the death of her son, Keiran, who lost his life in a tragic accident.

Sandra said:

“The first response team who arrived on the scene didn’t have the equipment they needed to save Keiran, and that’s why we set up Keiran’s Legacy, to ensure this never happens again to another family.

“Our 23 walkers that took part in Kiltwalk have raised £10,166 to date, and with the top up of £5,083 from The Hunter Foundation, that means a total of £15,249 will go towards providing lifesaving equipment and training across communities in Scotland. It will also supply schools with equipment to encourage biking and other outdoor activities. Something Keiran was so passionate about.”

A live show was shared across Kiltwalk social media channels over the Virtual Weekend, and later this week, organisers will reveal the winners of two hybrid Hyundai i20 cars and four electric bikes.

Last year, following the cancellation of all four planned physical events in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh, Kiltwalk raised £5 million for 900 charities through virtual events.

For further information about the Kiltwalk, please visit:

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