Wednesday, 12 June 2024
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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Beloved charity colleague leaves a lasting legacy through charitable donation

WARD clerk Alan Barnsley has left a donation to Sheffield Children’s in his Will, continuing his legacy of care at the hospital.

Alan worked as a Ward Clerk at Sheffield Children’s for seven years. Following his death on 1st October 2022, he has continued to show his support to the hospital he loved through a legacy donation to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Alan’s family remember him as a kind-hearted person, who put the needs of others before himself. His daughter-in-law, Caroline, remembers him fondly.

She said:

“He was devoted to his children and grandchildren. I think he was genuinely touched by the stories of the patients he met or heard about at the hospital, and this motivated him to want to support the Charity.”

Alan began working in the NHS later in life following a career in the private sector. He settled at Sheffield Children’s, with some time in Outpatients and medical daycare before moving to Ward 5. He continued to work in many areas of the hospital and was widely known by the staff. Alan loved his job and had many friends across Sheffield Children’s. He saw his work as more than a job, helping to organise events for the Burns Club and a neuroscience family fun day. His family often asked him about retiring, but Alan loved his work and wanted to keep supporting the hospital for as long as he could.

In 2020 Alan’s daughter Emma designed a bear that was included in the Bears of Sheffield sculpture trail in support of Sheffield Children’s. The trail saw 100 bear sculptures cover the city of Sheffield in the summer of 2021. Emma’s design, Peaky the Bear, raised an incredible £14,500 for The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Alan’s daughter-in-law, Caroline, said:

“He was her biggest fan and was overjoyed that she was able to take part in something to raise money for the Charity that was so dear to his heart.”

Alan left a £1,000 donation in his Will to The Children’s Hospital Charity, carrying on his dedication to Sheffield Children’s even after his death.

Writing a Will and leaving a gift helps Sheffield Children’s care for children and young people by funding the very best specialist and life-saving medical equipment, research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses and new facilities to extend the range of treatment provided. They can also help fund improvements to the hospital environment to benefit patients, families and visitors.

Alan’s family also held a collection for the Charity at his funeral, as they couldn’t think of anything that would have meant as much to Alan. The donations from Alan’s funeral and from his Will help to support Sheffield Children’s to continue being the amazing place it is.

Beloved charity colleague leaves a lasting legacy through charitable donation
Alan Barnsley worked at Sheffield Children’s for over seven years. A drawing by Alan’s grandson, entitled ‘Grandad at work’.

Caroline continued:

“We can tell from the comments we received that he was known widely as a kind and caring man who would go out of his way to help others. This is the essence of how we would like him to be remembered and for his kindness and generosity in supporting the charity.”

Hub Fundraising Officer, Jane Darby, knew Alan well. She was deeply saddened by his passing but, knowing him, wasn’t surprised by his generous donation.

Jane said:

“For everyone at the charity and Sheffield Children’s Alan was a great loss. He was incredibly kind, and he went out of his way to support the Charity wherever he could. His memory will live on here and we are beyond grateful to Alan and his family for their generous gifts.”

The Children’s Hospital Charity has a discounted Will writing service with partner solicitors Irwin Mitchell, who will offer a discounted fee and make a donation to anyone wishing to support Sheffield Children’s. Find out more by visiting:


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