Thursday, 18 July 2024
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Thursday, 18 July 2024

Belief and Hope in Changing Tunes sessions

‘In an environment where positive achievements are difficult to come by the power of hope can be transformative.’ 

For over thirty years Changing Tunes has delivered music and mentoring sessions in prisons and post-release across the UK. Feedback from sessions suggests that participants feel a much greater sense of hope and self-belief as a result. So exactly what role does belief and hope play for people caught up in the Criminal Justice System? 

We put this question to a long-term Changing Tunes participant. Here’s what he said: 

‘In an environment where positive achievements are difficult to come by the power of hope can be transformative. Hope can help a person escape the static repetition they find themselves trapped inside and deliver, instead, forward motion. Alongside that motion can develop belief; belief in self – I can do this; I am achieving something – but also believe that the world is perhaps not as dark as it once appeared, the knowledge that there are people in the world that are supportive and encouraging and ask for nothing in return.

‘Hope and belief inside the prison system are sorely lacking and anyone who can reach inside and offer even a glimpse of the possibilities should be commended. Changing Tunes go at the top of my list.’

Changing Tunes provides a ready-made community of people who believe in the possibility of positive change for individuals caught up in the Criminal Justice System. It is this belief and outlook which in turn, encourages participants to break free from the stigma of their past and re-frame their identities. 

We wanted to celebrate some recent feedback that illustrates the emergence of self-belief and hope in Changing Tunes participants, key ingredients in the rehabilitative journey…

‘Thank you for accepting and acknowledging me, but also for always believing in me and supporting me through my music. For so long I was doubting myself but you taught me to believe and express myself through music.’ 

Participant at a Secure Children’s Home: 

‘Having the beats CD has made the start of 2022 amazing. I’m so overwhelmed at the moment and excited. It’s given me more confidence to write lyrics and eventually perform.’ 

Participant at HMP Eastwood Park: 

‘2022 promises so much for Changing Tunes as we expand our post-release work, open a new hub in South Wales and re-launch in-person work at our 21 partner prisons and secure children’s homes. We will continue to grow our work with young people, including through a new music learning programme at two pupil referral units in Bristol, to support early intervention. With each of these new developments comes the promise of new hope and self-belief for a wider range of people, key ingredients in the rehabilitation journey.’

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