Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Battersea receives prestigious Volunteer accreditation status

BATTERSEA is delighted to announce its Volunteering, Fostering and Communities Programme has been awarded the prestigious Investing in Volunteers (IiV) Award for the second time.

After first receiving the accreditation in 2018, the much-loved animal charity, which recently launched Battersea Communities in Guildford and Ashford, was keen to take part in the assessment process again to ensure that it is still offering a high-quality volunteering programme.

The IiV accreditation is the UK quality standard for good practise in volunteer management. It acts as a seal of approval for an organisation’s ability to provide an outstanding volunteer experience by thoroughly assessing the quality of volunteer management and involvement, acknowledging areas where an organisation is performing well and identifying where there may be room for improvement.

Battersea receives prestigious Volunteer accreditation status
Battersea volunteer gardener

Charlotte Fielder, Battersea’s Head of Volunteering, Fostering and Communities, said:

“We are thrilled to be reaccredited as it represents the hard work of the Volunteering, Fostering and Communities teams in creating and maintaining a programme that enables Battersea to be here for every dog and cat. It also honours the contribution made by our volunteers, foster carers and community rehoming volunteers, who have shown such support during the reaccreditation process – and it’s particularly important to us that their hard work is recognised following the challenges 2020 placed on volunteering across the charity sector.”

Across its three centres, Battersea has 947 volunteers, foster carers and community rehoming volunteers who lend their support in over 40 roles: from directly caring for dogs and cats to offering much-needed support at fundraising events, visiting community groups, assisting in admin roles and even maintaining the gardens and green spaces at Battersea’s three centres.

Feedback from volunteers is an essential part of the IiV assessment process. In total, 72 volunteers, foster carers and community rehoming volunteers were interviewed and surveyed for Battersea’s 2020 accreditation, as well as 13 members of staff.

Battersea receives prestigious Volunteer accreditation status
Battersea IiV

Peter Laurie, Battersea’s Interim Chief Executive, was interviewed by the external assessor. He said:

“I was pleased to be invited to speak with the assessor and share my observations on how our volunteer programme is led, managed and delivered. I take pride in the way in which Battersea recruits and supports all volunteers on their volunteering journey and I see the IiV quality standard as a real badge of honour. Our volunteers give so much to Battersea and this accreditation reflects our commitment to giving volunteers a quality experience, too.”


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