Monday, 27 May 2024
Monday, 27 May 2024

Battersea launches new virtual puppy training

BATTERSEA has launched a new virtual training programme specially designed for lockdown puppies to ensure this new generation isn’t missing out on vital socialisation and skills.

The much-loved animal charity recently surveyed 2,000 dog and cat owners, including many who got a new pet during the lockdown. Of those new pet owners, almost half said they ‘sometimes regret’ their decision – with 73% of them saying their misgivings were due to training problems.

With various restrictions in place during the lockdown, it has been difficult for owners to ensure that their puppy gets the same start in life as their pre-pandemic peers. Face-to-face classes have been far less frequent and social distancing has made socialising with other dogs far trickier.

To help this lockdown generation of puppies develop a solid behavioural foundation and avoid picking up any bad habits, Battersea’s behaviour experts have launched a six-week virtual puppy training programme.

Battersea’s Canine Behaviour and Training Manager, Nathalie Ingham, said:

“Thousands of people across the UK have welcomed new puppies during the lockdown and we want them to know Battersea is here to support them. Training virtually is a great option for many people as lockdown continues. Our classes are designed for complete beginners and we’ll go at the pace of each individual dog so every pup gets the most from their training.”

The Puppy Programme is a six-week course of weekly classes held by Battersea’s trainers over Zoom. Topics include obedience basics such as learning to come when called, to settle, and to walk on a lead sensibly. There is a limit of five puppies per class to ensure the trainer can focus on the needs of each dog and all dogs should be aged five months or under, as this is a foundation level programme.

Nathalie added:

“One of the great things about training virtually is that anyone can take part no matter where in the world they are. We’re encouraging everyone living with their puppy to join in with the training, including children. It’s such a great way to bond with your dog and hopefully, a fun group activity, not just during our classes, but for the weeks and months ahead when you can continue teaching your dog new tricks and skills.”

The next available courses are scheduled to start on 8 October, 26 October and 10 November, with both a morning and afternoon class on each day. Classes are limited to five puppies per session and spaces are expected to book up fast.

Any owners considering taking part in the programme can find out more, book a place or register their interest for future classes on the Battersea website.

While classes are currently limited to dogs aged five months and under, Battersea is always here for dogs of all ages. If you have any questions regarding your dog’s behaviour, you can call our dedicated pet behaviour advice line on 0203 887 8347 or visit our website for trips and techniques


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