The Charity Today Awards celebrate charities and individuals across the UK who go that extra mile for others.

Charity Today works with charities across the UK and sees first hand the fantastic work that goes on to help improve the lives and welfare of both people and animals. These awards provide an opportunity to recognise the dedication and commitment of charities and individuals with an incredibly meaningful public ‘thank you’.

There is no entry fee and no lavish ceremony that will set your charity back thousands of pounds in table fees. Just straight down the middle recognition as voted for by the British public.

The 4-steps to success:

1. Wait for the month that your category is set to go live (listed at the bottom)

2. Nominate

3. The judges will determine their finalists

4. The finalists will be announced and then put to the public vote on Twitter @CharityAwards, upon closing the poll, the valid votes will be counted and the winner then determined.

Animal Welfare Award – January 

Each charity or individual will have their reasons for why they think a particular charity deserves to win the Animal Welfare Award. You should try to provide detailed examples of what the charity or members of the team do to go above and beyond the call of duty, all in the name of animal welfare. Providing at least 3 case studies

Community Impact Award – February 

This award is for a charitable organisation that can demonstrate the significant impact one of its projects has had in the local community. (For example; Helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime). It must also be able to show how it plans to further progress the project in the years ahead.

Disability Charity of the Year – March 

The charity must show how it has excelled in its work to improve the lives of people who have a disability or incurable illness. The charity will be able to demonstrate its practices for campaigning as well as ensuring a huge emphasis is with care, dignity, respect, and the wishes of its beneficiaries. This must also be evident in the charity’s support of friends and family close to those using its services.

Environment & Conservation Award – April 

The winner of this award must be able to show how its work in Environment & Conservation has excelled; this can range from the protection of endangered species and threatened habitat to the promotion of environmental education or even the development of a community-driven conservation. The organisation must also be able to show how it plans to further progress its work in the years ahead.

Hospice of the Year – May 

The hospice must show how it has excelled in its work to improve the lives of people who have an incurable illness. The hospice will be able to demonstrate its practices for ensuring a huge emphasis is on dignity, respect, and the wishes of its patients. This must also be evident in the hospice’s care of those people close to the patient, and into the bereavement period after the patient has died.

Medical Research Award – June 

This award is for a charity that has over the last twelve months been able to demonstrate a vital medical breakthrough as a result of its research or funding.

It must also be able to show how it plans to further progress this in the years ahead.

Sports & Recreational Charity of the Year – July 

This award is for a sports and recreational charity that has excelled in its support of grassroots sport over the last 12 months, be that through financial assistance or successful projects it has developed and implemented. It must also be able to show how it plans to further progress this work in the years ahead to reach more people.

Charity Patron of the Year – August 

This award is for a charity ambassador or patron, who has gone above & beyond their role; inspired and motivated others to volunteer and ultimately how they have made an impact using their privileged position to the charities advantage.

Fundraiser of the Year – September 

An individual that is officially recognised by a UK registered charity. The individual must have quantifiable results and be able to demonstrate how they went about exceeding all expectations over the last 12 months.

Special Recognition Award – October 

The Charity Today Awards’ Special Recognition Award will recognise and promote individuals who have made a significant contribution to the charity sector over a sustained period (a minimum of 15 years).

The Special Recognition Award is Charity Today Awards’ most prestigious award to an individual who has: –

    15 years, or more, of sustained service to the charity sector

    an established history of distinguished service

    made a lasting contribution

    exhibited leadership and provided inspiration to others in the sector

Importantly, the contributions should be above and beyond the every day and have had a long lasting impact in the sector.

Volunteer of the Year – November 

Without the incredible effort of volunteers, many of the UK’s charities just wouldn’t function.

Whether it’s minutes or months, hours or days, the time they give does matter.

You will need to demonstrate how the nominee has excelled and exceeded all expectations of their role. Make sure you include any relevant evidence in your application.

We accept posthumous nominations by friends and family with no restrictions in place for how long ago the volunteer passed away.

2018 Charity of the Year – December

The Charity Today Awards’ Charity of the Year title is awarded to a charity that has clearly delivered an outstanding service to its beneficiaries and raised the profile of its cause within the last 12months. You cannot nominate for this, the two nominees are selected by Charity Today and put forward to the public vote.

The winner of this award is announced during #UKCharityWeek 2018