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Charity Today Awards – The Categories

There are currently nine categories available for nominations in the Charity Today Awards. They are as follows:

Community Impact Award

This award is for an individual, project, or team that has made a big impact on a community be that a local community or a specific community of people (i.e the LGBT community)

Disability Impact Award

A disability can bring about many challenges for people, we are looking to award an individual, team or project that has worked to improve the lives of disabled people for the better over the last 12 months.

Fundraiser of the Year

If you know a person, a group or an organisation that has shown creativity, commitment and inspiration while raising money for a charity (or charities), then you can nominate them for the Charity Today Awards’ Fundraiser of the Year Award. You can even nominate yourself! 

Health & Social Care Award

Whether you are a care home, a medical research charity, a hospice, or health care professional; they all deserve our heartfelt thanks.

This award is to recognise an individual, group or charitable organisation that has excelled over the last 12 months in the provision of health care or made big strides in medical research.

Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award is award to an individual, group or charity whose work and deeds have served to improve the quality of our lives, and works on a daily basis to help those in need.

Partnership of the Year

Charities and other entities often establish powerful fundraising and awareness projects together. Whether the partnership is between two charities, or a charity and business, the winner of this award must be able to show how their partnership has excelled in furthering the objects of the charity.

Special Recognition Award

This award is given to a person, group or charity that has worked on a particular project for at least fifteen years. Overseeing the highs and lows that come with such a period of time, and achieved some outstanding results that others continue to benefit from to this day.

Volunteer of the Year

We want to celebrate the amazing volunteers out there. The people that go above and beyond. The doers, the no-quitters, the optimists and the go-getters. Let us hear how a volunteer has inspired you, and others to support their respective causes. You can even nominate yourself!

Charity Today Awards
Charity of the Year 

This prestigious award goes to a #UKCharityWeek Official Partner Charity that has excelled over the last twelve months and is able to demonstrate some notable achievements.

To be eligible for this award you must be an Official Partner Charity of UK Charity Week, to register please click here.


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