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Autism’s got Talent Roadshow is back!


This year’s ‘Autism’s got Talent Roadshow’ takes place on 16 September at ARC, Stockton Arts Centre, in Stockton-on-Tees.

Showcasing the diverse talents of individuals on the autistic spectrum, the roadshow is a spin-off from Autism’s Got Talent – launched by the autism charity Anna Kennedy Online and created by Anna Kennedy OBE. AnnaKennedyonline and Daisy Chain Charities are working together again to stage the event, after a successful roadshow last year at Teesside University.

Anna Kennedy is patron of Daisy Chain and several key autism charities and support groups. She said ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ is a special event that is “one of a kind, and is extremely poignant to those with autism and their families.

“Those involved can have fun, do what they love, make friends and be themselves, and have one night which is all about them.

“We aim to continue to build Autism’s Got Talent year by year and we also now have the Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow, which travels to different cities and theatres throughout the country.”

Promising an exciting and diverse selection of entertainers the performers for the Stockton-on-Tees event have now been announced and (drum roll!) they include: Lauren Branton, Connor Richardson, Alice Jordan, Darryl Johnson, Kayley Wainwright, Joanna Dionysiou, Callum Kirrage, Gary Wales, Beth Joliffe, Charlotte Fieldson, Beth Paine, Keegan Reilander, Angus Baskerville, Jasmine Brinkhurst and Callum Brazzo.

Tickets are now on sale for £15 for adults and £10 for concessions from the Daisy Chain Day Centre or over the phone on 01642 531248. For more details http://annakennedyonline.com