The UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting Community First Responders and other established voluntary groups in conjunction with the ambulance service welcomes a new Patron, Baroness Lorely Burt of Solihull has joined the Arrive Alive team.

Baroness Lorely Burt of Solihull said:

Arrive Alive welcomes new patron

“It is a pleasure and an honour to become part of the amazing Arrive Alive team. First Responders can save lives, but they need to be able to get to where they are needed – Fast. The generosity and goodwill of so many people have already enabled three vehicles to be brought, serving communities within the West Midlands including Solihull and the Black Country. We can and must do more, and I am looking forward to playing my small part in making this happen.”

The Silver Second Appeal is an appeal launched by Arrive Alive which is fundraising for vital lifesaving vehicles and equipment for medically trained volunteers. Arrive Alive is solely funded by donations and does not receive any national lottery or government funding. The inspiration behind the appeal was Ellie the daughter of Debbie Roscoe the Fundraising Director of Arrive Alive. Ellie contracted a severe case of Measles, upon hospitalisation she developed various complications with her lungs and liver. During the illness, her Mother contacted 111 for advice and was quoted a wait of two to four hours for medical assistance.

Arrive Alive welcomes new patron

Following the launch of The Silver Second Appeal, it has enabled three vital lifesaving vehicles to become operational. During March 2019 FastAid Solihull was gifted the third vital lifesaving vehicle by the Arrive Alive team.

The Chairman of FastAid is highlighting the importance of Arrive Alive – The Silver Second Appeal and the major part that The Silver Second Appeal can play in saving lives said:

“Only dedicated scheme cars carry the specialist equipment such as a patient monitor with ECG readings, electronic suction, advanced defibrillator, major trauma and burns packs, helmets; even smoke escape hoods and sterile water for use after an acid attack. They are immediately and reassuringly recognisable, and because of the hi-visibility livery and safety lighting, are sent to calls such as road traffic collisions and are part of the Ambulance Major Incident Plan.

“For added safety, each is supplied with an ambulance radio, which enables instant communication with the Emergency Operations Centre. In the past, we have either relied on members using their own vehicles or entered into expensive leasing arrangements which required even more fundraising. We have the skills, we have the equipment and we can now go to more calls, get to more patients and be tasked to emergencies more quickly. In short, we are able to help more people, faster, with first-class equipment and an instantly recognisable vehicle. This makes us very proud.”

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