Thursday, 23 May 2024
Thursday, 23 May 2024

Are you a gamer? Then why not Game for Rockinghorse?

FOLLOWING the success of a 24-hour live stream by one of their supporters, Rockinghorse is calling on gamers to put their skills to good use for the charity.

Matt Cullimore, from Henfield, is a regular Rockinghorse supporter, using his fantastic YouTube channel to organise a range of different POKEMON giveaways and competitions. His support for the charity started last year when his partner Jasmine gave birth to their son Logan two months premature.

While Logan was being taken care of in the Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) at the Royal Alex, Matt became more aware of the work of the staff and Rockinghorse, he said:

“It was a really difficult time for all of us but the care, equipment, staff and support given to Logan was incredible and I knew how well cared for he was.

“Before Logan was born I wasn’t aware of the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity but while I was in the hospital with Logan I noticed the logo all around the TMBU and found out more about the amazing support they provide to the hospital. It really made me realise what wonderful work they do, and we were all so appreciative.”

Since this time, Matt has been keen to raise money for the charity and draw attention to the work they do. But this time he wanted to undertake something he had never tried before – a 24-hour POKEMON game live stream.

Are you a gamer? Then why not Game for Rockinghorse?
Matt and family

As Matt explains:

“This stream was one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken on but quickly became one of the proudest moments for me in my short YouTube career. I started planning this stream over three months ago, preparing it along with building the prizes and finding sponsors. Once the stream started and the donations came rolling in the nerves quickly went away.”

Matt started live-streaming his gaming on a Friday at 10.00am and finished the following day at the same time. During the stream, his 2000 viewers were able to post messages of support, contribute to the charity and take part in live prize draws. And despite being exhausted at the end of the marathon, he was incredibly proud to have raised over £1100 for Rockinghorse.

Are you a gamer? Then why not Game for Rockinghorse?

Calling all gamers

Following Matt’s live stream success, Rockinghorse are looking for other gamers to set up their own ‘Game for Rockinghorse’ live stream to support the charity.

Live stream gaming uses online platforms such as YouTube or Twitch to view both the game and the gamer in real-time. During a fundraising stream, the streamer plays their chosen game while promoting the charity to their followers and urging them to donate. Players can also add a prize draw or raffle to their live stream to really boost those donations.

So whether you are speedrunning a level of your favourite game, starting out on the latest ultra-hard platformer or hosting a tournament with a group of friends, Rockinghorse is calling on gamers to take up their controllers and keyboards and raise some money for sick children and young people across Sussex.

Lucy Pond, Challenge Events Manager for Rockinghorse, explains more about the idea:

“Gaming is hugely popular at the moment and it’s really easy to use this as a way of raising much-needed funds for charity. Thousands of people regularly enjoy gaming marathons with friends and family, so we thought it would be a great idea to ask people to use their platforms to help us fundraise!

“And if there are people who are interested in taking part but aren’t sure exactly how to set up their own live stream, Matt has kindly provided Rockinghorse with an instruction video for our website to explain the process and get the most out of their gaming session.”

So, if you fancy doing a Game for Rockinghorse and organising your own live-streamed gaming marathon, just take a look at the Rockinghorse website at: or contact Lucy Pond, Challenge Events Manager at Rockinghorse on:


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