Quarriers, one of Scotland’s leading social care charities, has launched its Summer Days Appeal to give the gift of a fun-filled day out to hundreds of children.

Now in its sixth year, the Summer Days Appeal enables Quarriers to organise memorable excursions for the children and young people it supports across Scotland. With donations starting at as little as £15, children are given the chance to escape the pressures they are facing, and for many, the activities organised are a first.

The charity plans to organise trips to the seaside, nature trails and farm parks and activities such as mountain biking, kayaking and crazy golf. Traditional summer treats like ice cream and picnics in the park are also on the cards.

Appeal launched to give hundreds of children a fun-filled day out
10-year-old Brooke Preston helped launch Quarriers Summer Days Appeal 2019

Quarriers’ Summer Days Appeal ensured 937 children across Scotland experienced a day away in 2018 and the charity hopes to surpass this number as it launches in 2019. This year, Quarriers has rolled the Appeal out to support more children in schools across Glasgow than ever before, ensuring it is on track to create a record number of summer memories.

Last year, the social care charity expanded the Summer Days Appeal to include three new services: the Epilepsy Fieldwork Service in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Fife and Moray, the Head Injury Service in Renfrewshire and its Fostering Service in Glasgow. This brought the number of services supported to 20 across Scotland including Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Falkirk, Fife, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray, Stranraer and Dumfries and Galloway.

The children and youngsters helped by the Appeal face a range of challenging circumstances and caring responsibilities every day and include young carers, children with additional needs, children living in poverty, young people who require residential support, individuals struggling with mental health and children living with disabilities.

Many of the challenges faced by those supported are heavy for young shoulders to carry and the Summer Days Appeal puts youngsters at its heart, giving them a chance to put their problems aside and be a child for the day.

Appeal launched to give hundreds of children a fun-filled day out
10-year-old Brooke Preston helped launch Quarriers Summer Days Appeal 2019

The excursions are carefully designed to create lasting memories to treasure when times get tough and are tailored to suit the children and families supported by Quarriers, ensuring any specific needs are catered for.

Alice Harper, Chief Executive of Quarriers said:

“Our Summer Appeal is a vital date in our calendar and for as little as £15, you can ensure at least one child is given a memorable day out to enjoy new experiences, make connections and forget their troubles.

“We work hard to ensure the people we support reach their full potential and days out provide the opportunity to build on vital skills such as communication and team-work as well as playing, exploring and having fun. The lasting effect these outings have on youngsters should not be underestimated.

“Each year we are amazed by our donors’ infinite capacity for generosity and we ask members of the public to back this campaign and show their support to ensure this year can be another great success.”

In addition to days out, Quarries provides support groups, befriending services, mentoring and life coaching to help children with a difficult start in life gain confidence, build resilience, stay in school and connect with individuals going through similar experiences. The charity aims to instil a forward-looking and positive view of what’s to come for those who may have had a difficult start in life, helping to transform futures.

A gift of £15 will provide one child with a day out, and gifts of any amount are welcome. Supporters can make a contribution by visiting www.quarriers.org.uk/summer-appeal