Anthea Turner’s exclusive series investigates how carers avoid reaching breaking point

National charity Revitalise featured in episode one of London Live’s brand new and exclusive documentary, Anthea Turner’s Hot Topics.

Revitalise are the people who create holidays for disabled people and carers, and the episode explores the lives of three disabled guests and their carers and how valuable their breaks at Revitalise are.

Hot Topics will explore hidden stories that have a big impact in the UK, featuring people with the first-hand experience.

The first episode was broadcast on London Live on Tuesday 24 September.

Anthea Turner's exclusive series investigates how carers avoid reaching breaking point

Television presenter known for her time on Blue Peter, Anthea Turner, explores the moving stories of Tina and Aaron, Jerry and his family, and Hilary and Shaun. They all have an incredible story to tell about coming to terms with a completely new way of life that living with a disability brings.

Carers UK have released a report revealing that only 8% of unpaid carers feel they have been able to take a sufficient break from their caring role. As a result, many carers are at breaking point with one in three carers using their break from caring to attend a doctor’s appointment, and 50% choosing to catch up on much-needed sleep.

The adult social care system in the UK is currently under enormous strain. The Government must act quickly to reform the system and prevent an ageing population and disabled people being unable to access the vital care they need.

Anthea Turner's exclusive series investigates how carers avoid reaching breaking point

Recognising this, Revitalise is launching a brand-new campaign; the Grace Award for Caring. This award has been designed to celebrate carers and their loved ones by rewarding them with a free holiday. Disabled people are being encouraged to nominate a carer to win a free break while they also go on a free break with Revitalise.

Speaking of her time filming with Revitalise and their guests, Anthea Turner said:

“I know the pressure that caring can put on a family as I grew up with a sister who had spina bifida; carers often have very little access to much-needed time off and places like Revitalise are vital in giving carers and their loved ones the break they need.

“It’s amazing when you hear carers and their loved ones talk about what they do, and how they have adapted to a different life.

“I have met some of the most amazing people while filming this episode and feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to shine a light on how valuable respite is for disabled people and carers.”

Also commenting on the new series, Chief Executive Officer at Revitalise, Chris Simmonds, said:

“Being featured in Anthea Turner’s Hot Topics on London Live has been a fantastic opportunity for Revitalise. Seeing the lives of our guests and their loved ones come to life in this new series gives us the chance to share how valuable respite breaks are at our holiday centres.

“This episode could not have come at a better time as Carers UK recently released a report stating that just eight per cent of unpaid carers say they have been able to take a sufficient break from caring.

“We hope to reach as many people as we can with this episode to remind them that we are here to help before they reach breaking point. We know from our own research that our guests are being put under a heavy strain with cuts in funding, highlighting once again the importance of breaks and the time away to sustain caring relationships.”