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Who are the #UKCharityWeek Campaign Ambassadors?

#UKCharityWeek’s Campaign Ambassadors play a pivotal role in supporting our campaign by promoting our work as widely as possible and encouraging more people to support #UKCharityWeek.

These fantastic people are committed to UK charities and to raising awareness of the various good causes up and down the country.

Anna Kennedy OBE

Anna has two sons, Patrick and Angelo; when they reached their school-age, she discovered that they were affected with autism spectrum disorders. After a frustrating time trying to find them suitable schools Anna went on to establish schools that now provide improved education and other facilities for individual children with autism spectrum disorders.

Anna who now leads her autism charity, AnnaKennedyOnline, was the first of the #UKCharityWeek Campaign Ambassadors to join up in an official capacity. She is a very active ambassador and supporter of #UKCharityWeek.

Stephanie Millward MBE

At the age of 17, Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). She is now a five-time Gold Medalist and four-time World Champion swimmer.

Stephanie is an active supporter of the Charity Today publication and was honoured when approached to become an ambassador of the national charity campaign.

She is also an ambassador of some charities including the MS Society and Just4Children.

Lucy Hilton

Lucy is a former journalist at both regional and national publications and has uncovered some high-profile, viral stories.

She now works more actively as a radio presenter and podcaster as well as in PR, Communications. Lucy is an avid supporter of Charity Today and the publication’s work promoting UK charities and fundraisers.

Jonha Richman

Jonha is an internationally renowned Marketing & Communications extraordinaire. She is recognised as one of the Top 25 Blockchain Influencers Disrupting the Industry 2018.

A proud supporter of the campaign, Jonha is a new and very welcomed addition to the team.